Maintenance Records Management

Maintenance Equipment Document Management
Maintenance records of work equipment are a key part of health and safety management, requiring efficient storage and management. Paperwork is often kept for extended periods of time for health and safety or compliance purposes.

If not managed properly, this can cause issues with health and safety, lack of office space, non compliance and production levels.

Asset management and maintenance can be improved through efficient, digital  document & records management, keeping a record of information for each asset together with indexed data for information such as:-

  • Asset number
  • Maintenance dates and times
  • Equipment maintenance detail
  • New parts added
  • Manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance
  • Amount of use
  • Equipment environment conditions
  • User experience and knowledge
  • Risk assessment information

Maintenance records are kept for a variety of industries, but common documentation includes electrical certifications, vehicle/fleet maintenance, building records, equipment maintenance for production/ work equipment and upkeep of medical equipment e.g. sterilisation records.

Cleardata can help businesses to manage their maintenance records efficiently through document scanning, cloud document management and secure archive storage services.

Document scanning services – Cleardata captures over 3 million images every month, using Kodak scanning technology.  All scanned images are checked by two operators.  We can index (digitally file) your documents to suit your needs and can also use intelligent data capture, where key fields on the document can be automatically be extracted using software.  This  automatically recognises information such as asset number, date, reference, address etc and index as metadata, so the information can be found quickly and easily, using a keyword search functionality

Cloud document management – Once digitised records can be uploaded and accessed via our cloud solution.  This offers work flow, enabling information to be routed to the correct person in your business for review or authorisation.  Users can also collaborate on-line and leave notes and tasks for other employees.   Documents can be indexed by meta data and found easily using a key search functionality, which can be accessed from many other back office systems e.g. Microsoft word, excel, Oracle or SAP.

Secure document storage – Documents can be stored off-site in our secure facility.  Information can be retrieved using our scan on demand service.  On request, documents will be retrieved, scanned and returned to your desktop, within a short time scale.

For further information about Cleardata’s maintenance records document management solutions call our team on 0800 046 8081 or contact us.