Manchester Document Scanning

Manchester Document ScanningIf your business is in the Manchester area or anywhere else in the UK, then you too can take advantage of the benefits Cleardata’s document scanning service offers. Our service is entirely secure and is fully accredited to ISO27001 for your information security. We offer a wide variety of document management, storage, scanning and shredding in Manchester and the UK.

Our dedicated team of document management experts will look at your paper processes and, based on this information, draw up a solution that is perfectly suited to your business. Cleardata’s scanning bureau is at the centre of our document management services. It is what lets us carry out our document scanning operations to businesses throughout Manchester, its surrounding areas and the rest of the UK. Our bureau has all of the latest scanning and imaging equipment to ensure our images are always high quality and that we can provide the best scanning and data capture services. As well as that, we are proud to be an approved Kodak partner.

Manchester Document Scanning Services:

Businesses in Manchester can take advantage of the following document scanning services that Cleardata provides.

  • Document scanning for UK standard paper sizes.
  • Invoice scanning services and automatic invoice processing.
  • Large and wide format scanning.
  • Drawing scanning services.
  • Onsite scanning.
  • Mailroom scanning.
  • OCR and intelligent data capture.

Benefits of Document Scanning

Our document scanning services can introduce many benefits to your business including:

  • Space efficiency – use your office space more efficiently with less reliance on paper processing.
  • Find your documents with greater ease and speed.
  • Storage is safer and more secure.
  • Easier distribution and sharing of your documents.
  • Simpler and more secure protection of your company’s sensitive documents.

The team at Cleardata has so much to offer in terms of document scanning to Manchester businesses, and companies from all over the UK. To find out more call us on 0800 046 8081 or use our instant quote tool on the website today!

For further details call 0800 046 8081 today or use our instant quote tool online now!Quick Quote

Document Storage Manchester

Manchester Document StorageIt is so important for businesses to have a secure place to store their sensitive documents, and that is exactly what Cleardata provides. Businesses in Manchester can use our safe and secure storage facility, which ensures protection from fire, flooding and theft. The facility is accredited to ISO9001 for Quality Management Systems and ISO27001 for your information security needs.

>We can come and collect your documents, no matter where you are in the UK or Manchester. It does not matter if you have a large or small business, our dedicated and trusted fleet of delivery vehicles and drivers will collect your documents and take them safely to our facility.

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Document Shredding Manchester

Manchester Document Shredding

Often once your documents have been scanned, you might feel wary about the continued existence of your paper copies, and that is when document shredding becomes a useful option. Cleardata’s document shredding service complies fully with data protection legislation, so rest assured that your documentation will be completely irretrievable. Cleardata is trusted to shred the documents of several public and private sector businesses all over the UK, including banks, local government authorities, the NHS and many more. Our service is equal to MOD standards of service and we are level 4 security qualified and accredited to ISO27001 (Information security).

Read further about the document shredding services we provide.

Why Choose Us?

  • Security and competency – we are accredited to ISO9001/2015 and ISO27001 for both Quality Management Systems and Information Security.
  • We work hard to stay ahead – our scanning technology is always updated to make sure that you are getting the best possible service.
  • We check every document we scan twice – The company’s 200% checking service is carried out by two different members of our professional quality checking team.
  • Over 150,000 images are scanned every day and over each month – So our service appears to be popular!

If you would like more information about the document scanning services we provide in Manchester and throughout the rest of the UK, then please call 0800 046 8081 today or make use of the online instant quote now!

For further details about our document scanning services call 0800 046 8081 today or use our instant quote tool online now!Quick Quote