Manufacturing Efficiencies Through Digital Document Management

Manufacturing Efficiencies Through Paperwork Digitisation
It’s good news for the UK, with UK Manufacturing continuing to have strong improvements last year and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders recently predicting that the UK will be the third biggest car manufacturer in Europe by 2017.

As the manufacturing industry continues to grow, it’s important that businesses remain efficient.  Manual paper processing can essentially slow down manufacturing output, wasting valuable time and money. Digital document management and automated solutions can improve efficiencies and should be considered.

Manufacturing paperwork needs to be securely stored, often for long periods to comply with industry standards and regulations. Data such as specification plans, testing, quality, batch, health and safety, employee and production records are vital parts of the manufacturing audit trail, which need fast, regular access.

So how can document scanning and digital solutions help?

Digitise records and find information faster – Scanning and OCR of manufacturing records can help your staff to find your records at the touch of a button. Digitised records can be shared using a secure on-line document management system, or via your own server.   Information can be found quickly using a simple keyword search.  Search by reference, date or any other key field.

Automate paper processes – How much time does your manufacturing team spend searching through paper-based records? Instruction and maintenance manuals can be transferred to digital format, with access via rugged iPad technology to save time and money.

Protect and back up paper records – Business continuity is vital for any manufacturing operation, with lost production time causing massive losses for businesses.  Digitise your paperwork and protect your information from disaster such as fire or flood.

Save valuable space – How much space is wasted in your factory with paperwork?  Save space in your facility and re-utilise for core business activities.

Electronic Audit Trail – Storing your digital paperwork in an on-line document management solution can provide a full electronic audit trail of who’s accessed your records at a user level.  Tick all your compliance boxes at once. See a complete audit trail of user activity by record, time and date.  Also benefit from fully managed version control. Check documents in and out of the system to record and verify document changes to your manufacturing information.

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