Need Access To Business Paperwork Whilst Working From Home?

Working from home can present many challenges for employees who may need to see various types of physical documentation in order to carry out their day to day tasks.

Storing documents offsite can allow key staff to continue to have access to the paperwork they need using secure digital retrieval methods.  It also ensures businesses remain compliant with GDPR data protection regulations. 

In a crisis situation, companies may be tempted to send boxes of documents home with employees for processing, but this could cause severe consequences such as lost documents, paperwork being disposed of in an insecure manner, data security risks and even fraudulent activity.  

Benefits of Offsite Archive Storage

  • Access From Multiple Locations – Offsite storage can provide fast digital access to paperwork for home workers, or staff working from multiple office locations. The Coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the importance of having business continuity plans in place.  The employment level in the UK is 32.6 million, with around 1.7 million reporting mainly working from home between Jan – Dec 2019. With the current outbreak it is expected that most people will work from home, where possible. 
  • Fast Digital Retrieval – Cleardata’s offsite document storage services are combined with a scan on demand solution. Files can be requested, retrieved and digitally returned as and when you need them, which is an ideal solution for homeworkers who can submit file requests online and receive digital files straight to their desktop.  File requests are restricted to authorised users only, with permissions to retrieve/view selected business records, allowing you to be compliant with data protection needs. Digital images can also be returned via a secure cloud document management solution. 
  • Data Protection – Every business is required to ensure the data protection of their records under GDPR legislation.  Having paperwork stored in your office, with unlimited access can cause a compliance issue. Offsite storage facilities are equipped with many physical security and technical features to ensure the protection of your records, as well as an electronic audit trail. Staff taking paperwork home could also pose a risk, which can be avoided by having digital images returned via a cloud document management solution, to help you remain compliant.
  • Free Valuable Office Space – Paperwork can take up large amounts of office space, which results in high costs for your business. Store records offsite to save space and re-utilise for additional desks, providing capacity for more productive activities. 
  • Save Time – Reduce time spent by staff travelling to and from a storage lockup, or archive room and searching through boxes for information. When stored offsite records are fully indexed, by key references as well as keep until dates, enabling information to be found quickly and easily. 

How Can Online Archive Management Help? 

Our online Archive Management System allows clients to fully manage archives stored offsite. Keep control of your archive costs, monitor activity reports and remain compliant.  The system provides:-

  • Transparent Archive Reporting – For many businesses who store archives offsite, they can be out of sight out of mind.  Our bespoke archive system allows clients to view box contents, retrieval request activity and even box status reports such as boxes in storage, retrieved or destroyed. Gain valuable insights on retrieval levels by box, user and department. 
  • File Retrievals – Request files at the touch of a button, via the online solution.  Set your return preferences and the urgency of your request. We encourage scan on demand, which enables the digital return of documents within hours of your request. 
  • Managed Destruction – The Archive Management System allows keep until dates to be logged for archives and will provide an automated email to the relevant user 30 days prior to destruction, requesting authorisation. Efficient archive management allows your business to only keep documents for the required time, saving you money on unnecessary archiving costs and meeting GDPR requirements. 
  • Audit Control – Any physical interaction with your boxes is recorded via our barcode management system. This is displayed in the archive management system, showing a status displaying file retrievals by user time and date, as well as destruction requests. 
  • Request Collections & Storage Supplies – order additional boxes, supplies or collections.
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