New Year’s Business Resolution – Go Paperless & Save Office Space

paperless office and document scanning
Well nine days into the New Year and healthy eating,  a  new exercise regime, yoga or perhaps even a gym membership is on the agenda for many people at home.  At work,  companies may also be looking for a fresh start to the new year to become more efficient, save money and increase productivity.

Digitising paperwork should be considered…

Businesses should consider digitising their paperwork to free up valuable office space and help  save time and money.  Once digitised, staff will spend less time searching through paperwork and more time on core business activities, improving customer service, productivity and ultimately your profits. Document scanning also provides a digital backup of paperwork, protecting valuable information from disaster such as fire or flood.

A few questions to think about…

  • What’s the cost of your office space?
  • How many filing cabinets and archive boxes do you have?
  • How many extra workstations could you fit in your workplace  if you got rid of your archives, live files and paperwork?
  • Could you downsize your office if you went paperless?
  • How much time do your staff spend searching for information?
  • How secure is your paperwork, who’s got access to it?

So how can Cleardata Help?

  • Act as a digital mail room for your company, opening, sorting and digitising your paperwork on arrival at our bureau.
  • Convert your documents into digital files,  stored on a memory stick, cd or even in the cloud.  Documents can be digitally indexed (filed), allowing you to find your information quickly using a simple keyword search facility. Cleardata scans over 3 million images every month, providing  excellent quality digital images.
  • Use clever software to automatically extract data such as invoice number, supplier name or date from your scanned images, saving you time on manual data entry and improving the accuracy of your business information. This is commonly used for financial paperwork such as invoices or claims.
  • Upload your documents to our cloud document management system, allowing users to search and view documents,  add notes, messages and assign tasks to other users.  Workflow can also be set up, directing your information to the correct person in your business for review or approval.  This is ideal if  your business has multiple offices and locations, with field-based workers, providing flexible access to your documentation.
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