Office Relocation or Downsizing? Digitise Your Paperwork & Save Space

In recent years there’s been trepidation on the part of many heads of business to consider staff working from home, but with the introduction of COVID, this trepidation has been put aside out of necessity to keep their business operating. Push has come to shove for office-based businesses and after seeing the benefits to staff flexibility, cost-saving, and the work-life balance it provides, a vast majority are considering making this change more permanent. The era of the agile business is upon us.    

With the transition to home working, a raft of both opportunities and challenges has arrived. Businesses have quickly come to the realisation that they no longer need large office space to house their home-based employees, which means a reduction in overheads such as utilities, building lease costs, and maintenance costs. They’ve even started passing on these savings to employees to help them better furnish their home office. 

But what about the business relocation challenges?

Downsizing means just that, downsizing. Reducing the office space can often leave businesses with multiple filing cabinets of paperwork and documents and nowhere to store them. This includes HR records of past and present staff, invoices, plans, drawings, spec sheets, proposals… the list is endless.

Even when they’ve been stored, the documents need to remain GDPR compliant and they may need to be made accessible. Sometimes just archiving or storing your documents isn’t enough. No business wants their staff commuting on a regular basis to pick up documentation from a site when that time can better be served. 

What are your scanning and storage options?

You could choose to store paperwork in a room in your new office and take up that precious space, or we at Cleardata can come and collect, prep, scan, digitally file and archive your documents. We can handle small format documents such as receipts or A4 paperwork, up to large format documents like plans and drawings. Everything we scan is checked twice so quality is assured. We’re ISO accredited to Information Security  ISO27001 standards and a registered data controller, so your information is in safe hands. 

Cleardata document scanning services appointed to RM3781 Crown Commercial Services Multifunctional Devices, Managed Print and Content Services and Records Information Management Services Framework Agreement

If you need your documents returned at any time our team can send them using our scan on-demand service via secure SFTP. If you want to go for a truly digital solution our low-cost cloud document system is a fantastic way of keeping your documentation within arms reach and available 24/7, wherever you’re working from. 

As trying as the current times are, there’s never been a better time to invest in a digital document management solution. Enable your departments to work uninterrupted wherever they are and spending their time on what matters to your business.

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