Office Space Saving with Cleardata

Office space saving has never been more important to businesses, with a continued emphasis on social distancing, every square metre counts. The problem is there’s only so much you can do once the office layout has been rearranged for maximal spacing. 

A common culprit that tends to get forgotten about is the filing cabinet. How many filing cabinets occupy your offices, going largely unnoticed but taking up precious space?

Social distancing is as good a reason as any to ditch those old fashioned cabinets and embrace a new digital lease of life for your documents. 

A combination of archiving off-site and digital office filing solutions provides an increase in floor space, business continuity and an easier time sharing and managing the lifecycle of files. 

Archiving Off-site
Some files won’t need to be digitised, especially legacy ones, but for compliance, there may be a need to retain them. This doesn’t mean they have to be on-site taking up space, waiting for the time to come when they can be destroyed. The best option for these files is to archive them off-site. 

Cleardata’s purpose-built archive storage facilities provide a cost-effective and secure space-saving alternative to the old filing cabinet. What’s more, is that we’ll collect the documents using our tracked fleet of vans. 

Whilst any of the documents are archived their activity, location and any requests or document movements can be tracked using our Archive Management System – Cleardox AMS. Cleardox AMS gives users a full live list of documents held as well as an overview of their lifecycle. Users are prompted when a document is due for destruction and approval is sought before any action is taken. It’s compliance on easy-mode as everything is taken care of for you, office filing solutions have never been so proactive. 

  • Facilities are secured and protected by the latest technology which translates to safe documents.  
  • Archived documents are never out of reach with our scan-on-demand service. Request their digital return and receive them in your chosen method in a matter of hours.
  • Receive a fully managed and compliant document lifecycle, all that will ever be asked of you is your consent to destroy documents that have reached end-of-life.
  • Have access to a live statement  of your archived documents via our cloud archive management system. 

Scanning Live Files
It’s all well and good archiving older documents for office space saving, but live files need to be managed too. Cleardata offers a document scanning solution with state of the art technology, providing quality imaging of the files you value most. The scan-on-demand service we provide during the scanning process ensures that your files are never far away, as Cleardata will digitise priority documents within hours of the request and return them in the specified format. 

  • Receive high-quality digital images of your live documents preserving them indefinitely and protecting them from physical damage or theft.
  • Make your documents searchable with OCR (Optical Character Recognition). OCR saves you time when searching for a specific file or through the contents of your documents.
  • Scanning your documents with Cleardata means images are scanned to BS10008, ensuring legal admissibility and quality is checked twice by two different operatives.
  • Files can be returned in PDF, TIFF or JPEG formats, our team will agree a specification at the outset to ensure they’re compatible with existing business systems.
  • Documents can be digitally indexed with any metadata and validated to ensure accuracy.  We can also capture data automatically using intelligent software. This process ensures you can find your digital files in the same way you would search through paper documentation.
  • Files are securely returned by SFTP, encrypted USB, Hard Drive or, our recommended method, into our cloud document management system – Cleardox EDM 

Digital File Management
Now all the files are out of the building and have left behind plenty more floor space, a business will want to get the most out of their new images and keep them in some form of order. 

We believe the best way to manage your digital files is with Cleardox EDM, our cloud document management solution. Cleardox has been specially designed with businesses in mind, for effective file storage, document management, compliance and security. 

  • Access information from any location, no software required. Provide flexible and secure access for home workers or staff in multiple locations. 
  • Find your files quickly using our ClearSearch functionality. Enter a search term and associated documents will pop up in seconds. This can be used from other business systems, providing flexible and fast access.
  • Available 24/7 365 – Cleardox EDM is accessible from any device with an internet connection and is simple and intuitive to use
  • Classify and index documents – Documents are saved to folders with inbuilt metadata ensuring documents are classified in a consistent manner and at all times compliant.
  • Version control and audit trail – Document integrity is maintained with a fully auditable trail provided by users, department or groups actions. Details are provided as date, time, action and user. Version control is documented by size, created by, date, current version and version number. 
  • Group and user permissions – Administrators can set group and user permissions based on the level of access required. All profiles are password protected. 
  • UK servers – All data is held in the UK on secure, encrypted servers in line with UK GDPR standards.

Join The Paperless Revolution
All of these solutions add up to an uncluttered office with plenty of room to stretch the legs and social distance. It gives paper documents and files a new lease of life online with a comprehensive document management system, and anything archived remains compliant with the help of our online archive management system.

Business continuity is improved, as a paperless office means documents aren’t liable to be misplaced, stolen or lost. Homeworkers or field based staff also benefit from having access to documents stored in the cloud from wherever they are at any time of night or day. 

The key to a good office space saving solution is that it’s simple, efficient, cost-effective and permanent. The systems and processes that Cleardata have put in place are designed in such a way that it provides a stress-free transition into an agile, digital workspace.

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