Offsite Document Management – Reduce Your Business Costs

Offsite Document Management
Senior Managers regularly review business overheads such as manufacturing, telecoms, postage or even fleet costs to identify  savings, however,  when it comes to key processes such as document storage and document management, these can be overlooked.

There are massive savings to be made by utilising offsite document management services, so make it a priority to consider this as an alternative for your company.

Where to start?

Start by reviewing your existing document management processes.  Lets have a look at a few of the usual suspects associated with high document storage costs

  • High Street Retailers – Retailers often store documents in high street locations.  Why pay prime rates for document storage in city centre shops, when these can be stored more efficiently in an offsite document management facility. Make room for your merchandise and increase your profits.
  • Business Parks –   Rental costs for offices on business parks can be high. Store your paperwork offsite, to gain back valuable space for your key operational business activities. How many extra desks could you fit in if you removed all your filing cabinets? Offsite providers can store your live, working documents, providing efficient scan on demand retrieval, enabling information to be found, retrieved and returned to your desktop quickly and easily.
  • Lock ups – Lock ups are regularly used as a short term solution, but can term into a long term problem for document access and retrieval. Consider the employee costs to travel to and from the lock up facility to find and retrieve information.  How many trips are made per week/month to find your information?  Also review the security of the facility, to make sure your data isn’t at risk.
  • Onsite Storage –   Archives are often stored in an inefficient manner, which can cause retrieval problems and ultimately be costly for your business.  Staff wasting time searching for vital information is also a common problem. Review your archives and securely destroy records which are no longer needed to free up office space. Consider scanning your archives.  Once in digital format, records can be searched quickly and easily using a keyword search tool from your desktop.

The Benefits of Offsite Document Management

  • Free up valuable office space
  • Reduce document storage costs
  • Organise paperwork efficiently – Information can be indexed (digitally filed) to suit your needs, enabling paperwork to be found by searches such as name, company, location, date of birth or record reference
  • Scan on demand retrieval – Improve customer service, through fast access to archived or live paperwork
  • Fully managed archive storage includes managed destruction dates for your paperwork. Ensure documents aren’t stored any longer than necessary to reduce archive costs.

For further details about Cleardata’s Offsite Document Management Services contact our team on 0800 046 8081, or calculate your costs using our online calculator tool.