Organise Your Company’s Year-End Tax Documents

Organise Your Tax Documents For Year-End with Cleardata
The year-end of every company can be a stressful and time consuming period but it’s beneficial to make an early start on organising and preparing your accounting information. It’s important to start preparing your business accounts towards the end of the financial year so that they’re ready for tax filing and form submission.

Cleardata can offer the following solutions to help your company become organised for year-end:


Scanning your documents makes preparation for the tax season so much easier than having forms stored in various filing cabinets throughout your company’s offices. Being able to scan receipts for taxes allows you to digitally view and store your tax files, making documents simpler to manage.

Investing in document scanning for your important records such as invoices and business receipts also removes the concern of losing them which would significantly impact your tax return calculations. Not being able to locate these forms would also make annual reporting difficult, as well as being time-consuming in producing sufficient evidence for your internal and external auditors, if the relevant records and data can’t be located.

By having your tax documents digitalised not only provides a backup of your company’s significant financial data online, but allows the files to be indexed by any key fields such as company VAT number, date, invoice numbers, expense figures etc. This allows you to quickly retrieve your documents by a simple keyword search with an easy audit process.

Cloud Document Management

Once your important receipts, invoices and paperwork have been scanned, they can be uploaded and stored on an online cloud document management system to easily organise and manage your documents. The system can be accessed from any location using a web browser with a fast retrieval process, allowing your company to scan receipts for taxes easily and securely.

Cleardata’s cloud document storage service offers a range of features that is relevant for an accounting organisation. It’s a fast and easily searchable system with an innovative key hook search function that enables you to search for tax documents from other systems, such as sage and word. The version control feature allows your documents to be checked in and out of the system, providing a full electronic audit trail.

The system offers project collaboration, a workspace for users to share notes, discussions and project management tasks. Workflow is also integrated, allowing your documents to be sent between multiple departments for approval, query or rejection. Workflow also notifies colleagues who are next in line that their tax file is ready and informs you when files need to be updated. Alerts can also be set up to remove documents that have reached the end of their required retention period.


Whether or not your tax documents have been scanned, it may be necessary to archive the documents for verification due to government legislation demanding they’re retained for 6 years. By outsourcing your paperwork, you would be saving an incredible amount of office space and time spent on locating relevant files.

Cleardata’s document storage services are stored in a facility that provides the latest in protection and security, as well as being accredited to ISO21001 for Information Security and ISO9001 for Quality Management. It has the ultimate protection for important and confidential information to be stored.

Tax documents can be indexed by any key field and barcoded to ensure documents are located quickly and easily. Information can be retrieved by a scan on demand service, allowing paperwork to be scanned and electronically sent to you promptly.

For further information on Cleardata’s services in helping your business to be organised for the year-end and to scan receipts for taxes, call our team on 0800 046 8081.