Outsourced Mailroom Service

Cleardata offers secure outsourced mailroom services throughout the UK. Outsourcing mail enables businesess to ensure the continuity in processing incoming mail. This has proven to be extremely valuable for companies during the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing staff to work from home and continue to process mail digitally, with limited interruption for customers.

Digitising mail on arrival also allows companies to free up their offices from paperwork, focus on core activities and speed up paperwork processing.

How does the outsourced mailroom service work?

  • Mail is diverted to Cleardata’s secure digital mailroom facility.  This can be done via PO Box or temporary mail re-direction.
  • Our outsourced mailroom team will open the envelopes and sort the mail into batches ready for scanning.
  • Images are scanned using Kodak high production scanning technology, providing exceptional quality digital images.
  • Cleardata has cheque scanning equipment available to scan and capture data from incoming cheques
  • Cheques can be banked via a G4S collection.
  • Images can be indexed by any required data, allowing information to be distributed and filed efficiently.
  • Information can be checked against your existing systems, for example we can validate incoming documents for compliance purposes and provide a list of exceptions for your team to action.
  • Scanned images can be returned via secure SFTP for import into existing systems.  Alternatively, images can be upload to our secure cloud document management system, providing flexible information access for your workforce.

Cleardata operates a secure outsourced mailroom service within its high production scanning facility. The company is assured for information security, business continuity,  cyber essentials plus, quality management systems and legal admissibility of electronic information.

Our team includes data capture experts who can provide advice on the design of incoming forms, to allow automated capture and validation on arrival, reducing the amount of manual data entry.  Cleardata specialises in intelligent automation and even have a digital workforce of cloud based software robots on hand to automate manual processes if required.

For further details call one of our Outsourced Mailroom Service team now on 0800 046 8081 or contact us. Alternatively tell us a little about your requirements here.


Benefits of outsourced mailroom scanning services

  • Ensure business continuity in the event of being unable to access your usual business location
  • Free your business from paperwork
  • Digitise information on arrival
  • Back up mail to high quality digital format
  • Automatically index incoming mail based on your business rules
  • Allocate mail quickly and improve processing speed for incoming paperwork
  • Save time opening and sorting mail
  • Allow staff to focus on core business activities
  • Improve GDPR compliance
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
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