Switch to 100% paperless accounts payable

Paperless Accounts Payable Solution
Accounts payable departments are continuously searching for ways to reduce paper, which often results in purchasing expensive scanning equipment to digitise invoices in-house. Switching to 100% paperless accounts payable cannot solely be achieved using this method, which in-itself is time consuming and costly.

Innovative technology now allows businesses to go one step further in the search for  a paperless accounts payable solution. Cleardata’s e-invoicing services enables invoices to be created digitally and remain digital throughout its entire life-cycle, eliminating paper, printing and scanning costs.

How does it work?

  • Invoice data which is normally printed within electronic or paper invoices is transferred from one supplier’s computer system to another, known as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
  • The system can automatically sort and validate data, as well as return incorrect or missing information back to suppliers with limited human intervention.
  • New suppliers and customers can be added, regardless of ERP system, industry and transactional volume.

Some suppliers may still send invoices using traditional methods. Cleardata’s paperless accounts payable solution can convert invoice data from all sources, including paper, electronic and email to provide one simple data connection.

Cleardata is holding a free automated invoice processing seminar on the 18th of October in Birmingham, click here to register or watch our 60 second e-invoicing video below:-

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