Office Relocation Planned?

Document Scanning can help organise your office move and sort out your paperwork

Digitise your paperwork and save space

For those businesses faced with an office move this year, sorting out paperwork will probably be on your list of things to do. Document scanning and outsourced archiving can help you in your quest to a shiny new paperless office.

Office Move Planning forces businesses to sort out their archive rooms and organise their paperwork to put their information in order, prevent any wasted office space in their new premises  and enable employees to find information quickly.

Cleardata helps many businesses to go paperless and prepare for their office moves.  The company provides scanning services and  secure document storage with fast digital retrieval.  Our team can visit your premises to review your paperwork and provide a digital solution to suit your requirements and budget.

How scanning can help your business

By scanning your documents your business will:-

  • Free up valuable office space – FACT : 28 filing cabinets (247,500 paper documents) will fit onto 1 DVD saving 24 square feet of office space.
  • Find information faster, digital documents can be found using simple keyword search
  • Improve customer service and the delivery of management information
  • Protect paperwork – you’ve probably backed up your computers but have your backed up your paper records?
  • Enable multiple users to access digital information
  • Save time searching and retrieving paper information – How much time do your staff spend going to and from the archive room?

How secure offsite document storage can help your business

Secure document storage enables you to store your documents offsite and receive a fully managed archive service, helping you to free up office space and protect your business information. Your business will benefit from:-

  • Secure archive storage in a facility protected by early smoke detection alert systems, Redcare security, 24 hour CCTV, biometric finger print access entry and water detection systems. 
  • Fast scan on demand service – store your documents offsite and on request receive a digital copy of your file or document as and when you need it.
  • Managed destruction dates for your information, enabling you to manage your archives efficiently.
  • Secure shredding service – securely destroy your archives.
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