Preparing to go paperless with cloud document management in 2016

“A new year, a new me” a saying that most of us have probably said at some point over the past few weeks. The start of the New Year has always been a time for making resolutions. New personal goals such as weight loss and fitness regimes are implemented in an effort to optimise healthier living.

Document Management Services
As well as a personal goal, why not make a pledge this upcoming year to transform your office space. Every business is faced with processing and storing paperwork. From invoices to HR or operational records, these documents can gradually take over your premises.

How can we help?

Outsource your archives

Cleardata offers document storage services throughout the UK. Archives can be collected from any location and sent to our secure, fire and flood protected facility. Boxes are tracked during transportation and throughout every movement in the bureau, using a unique bar-coding system, ensuring your documents are safeguarded during the process. Documents can be retrieved using scan on demand, which enables electronic copies to be returned quickly.

Digitise your documents

Document scanning services can free up valuable office space. Divert your paperwork to our digital mail-room where our team can open and prepare documents to your requirements. Once documents have been converted into electronic format, files can be digitally indexed to suit your needs, allowing staff to retrieve information fast and efficiently.

Document management

Utilising a cloud document management system can reduce the amount of hassle, wasted time and lost money involved with paper filing and manual document processing. Once your documents have been digitise they can be stored in the cloud, which offers:-

  • Digital document management, data can be securely stored, found and retrieved from multiple locations, using a web browser.
  • Your files can be indexed and located in an electronic filing cabinet with shared automation and access,  meaning that time spent seeking or waiting for documents is abolished,  keyword search functionality is available to quickly find information.
  • Files can only be accessed by users with relevant permissions, this can be set up at a user or group level.
  • The system offers workflow, which can be set up to meet business requirements, enabling documents to be routed to the correct member of staff in your organisation.  Approvals and authorisation can be achieved at the touch of a button, with email notifications.
  • Audit trails and version controls maintain the legal and contractual compliances of your documents and ensure that everybody is working to the latest editions.
  • Increased office space, due to less paper, results in a more efficient day to day running of your business.

Watch our 1 minute video or click here to find out more about our cloud document management solution.

For further information about Cleardata’s cloud document management solution, contact our team on 0800 046 8081.