Print Management Software

Print Managemet Software

Cleardata provides print management software that can replace most paper based systems and dot matrix printing. The software enables print data streams to be intercepted, the data to be processed and the output to be electronically distributed, when and where it’s needed, in any required format.

  • Print Management Software can transform the format and appearance of printed output from your host system – without the need for costly software changes
  • Create bar codes using existing data within print files
  • Create indexed electronic copies of printed forms for automated e-mailing, automated hosting in a document management system and automated faxing of documents
  • Manipulate and merge data from two systems to create one print file or report format
  • Consolidate printed documents for the same recipient, reducing postage costs
  • Improve the appearance, production and sorting of report forms, print letters and labels

Print output solutions can help businesses sending out large volumes of paperwork such as bills, customer service notifications or updates. The software can check which customers have opted for electronic communication, rather than paper documents, helping your business to reduce print, manual processing and mailing costs.

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Benefits – Print Management Software

Print Managemet Software - Reduce Business Overheads

  • Reduce print costs – software can select which records have selected to receive electronic paperwork and only print required paperwork
  • Reduce mailing costs – output software will pull together different documents to print together, e.g. sort by customer, to enable information to be sent in one envelope, rather than sending three or four individual letters. Saving money on mailing, paper and stationary costs
  • Save time on manual processing – software can automatically add bar codes to paperwork, enabling returns to be processed efficiently with less manual data entry and improved customer verification

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