Protect & get quick access to your student records

Secure Records Storage
A student records retention schedule is essential for universities, colleges and schools to minimise risks and manage large amounts of student information. Secure records storage and record scanning services enables staff to protect, locate and retrieve information quickly.

Exam results, certificates, application forms and transcripts are what make up the majority of student paperwork, which need to be retained and destroyed in line with data protection legislation.

Cleardata’s secure records storage and record scanning services can help companies implement a successful records retention schedule. Other benefits include:-

  • Increased office space
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced security

Record Scanning Services

Converting dormant records into digital format instantly protects documents from potential damage, provides a backup of important information and enables documents to be retrieved and transferred much more efficiently.

Cleardata’s accredited scanning facility is setup to provide bulk scanning services. The company can convert large volumes of paperwork on a daily basis, using high production scanners and a unique bureau management system that enables the operations team to monitor and cope with high demand projects.

Scanned images are 200% quality checked before returned via CD, DVD, USB or Secure FTP. Cleardata also offers a low cost cloud document management system, to fully manage records. Files can be quickly retrieved, using the fast search functionality and accessed from any location with internet connection. The system enables workflow to automatically send records to the correct members of staff for approval, such as, application forms and requests for replacement certificates.

Secure Records Storage

Secure records storage can assist in the implementation of a successful student records retention schedule. By transferring records to Cleardata premises, information is protected by the latest fire, flood and security systems. The company also operate a scan on demand service, enabling files to be retrieved and sent back to authorised members of staff with a quick turnaround.

For further information about Cleardata’s Document Management and Record Scanning Services contact our team on 0800 046 8081.