Protect Important Documents from Severe Weather this Winter

This winter, the Met Office declared a severe weather warning regarding Storm Caroline, which has so far brought heavy snow fall and may also bring some very strong and potentially disruptive winds in the UK. It’s crucial for businesses to focus on document security to ensure important records are protected from the severe weather.

With gusts of winds up to 80 mph, Storm Caroline is “likely to cause travel disruption, issues on the roads, airports and ferries”. This means that businesses could face disruptions regarding travel, staff unable to get to work, school closures, transport delays and the possibility of office flooding.

This can cause significant problems for organisations, particular those who need to regularly access company documents in order to carry out business processes. If offices are inaccessible to staff due to the bad weather, business operations could be impacted.

Companies who use storage lock-ups to keep their confidential records in could also result in a disastrous situation if the unit is at risk of flooding, which can expose the documents to damp and ultimately damage them.

Off-site containers could also result in theft if they’re not efficiently secure, and risk having confidential documentation being stolen. Possible consequences of this occurring can impact a business’s reputation, as well as causing financial losses and potentially face legal penalties.

Digitising your documents with Cleardata’s document scanning services helps to protect your paperwork from being damaged or mislaid by having an electronic copy. It also enables employees to easily locate relevant documents and simply send to one another.

Once digitised, documents can then be stored in Cleardata’s cloud document management system which can be accessed anywhere online. This allows companies to still be operational in the event that employees can’t make it into the office and offers document security. It allows files to be easily searchable and protects them from being accessed by any unauthorised personnel, with users needing permission. It also eliminates the need for paper copies.

However, organisations who do rely heavily on paperwork can benefit from document storage services. Ensure the safety of company records at Cleardata’s purpose-built secure archive facility, fitted with the latest document protection and security systems. The company offers a scan on demand service, allowing businesses to receive a digital version of archived files within 2 hours of requesting it.

How outsourcing your documents to Cleardata can help your business:

  • Ensure the security and protection of important and confidential business documents – with temperature gauges, flooding & fire defences and biometric entry security systems to prevent damage and theft
  • Simple document retrieval with the company’s scan on demand services
  • Fast search functionality for documents with the cloud document management system
  • The ability to access documents online from any location
  • Improve productivity by not wasting employee time on filing and searching for relevant files
  • Increase office space by securely storing documents off site

If you’d like further information on Cleardata’s document management services to ensure a high level of document security, please visit our website at or contact the team on 0800 046 8081.

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