Protect your Business from Freak UK Weather Conditions

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Summer is over and winter will soon be upon us. The unpredictability of our island’s weather is almost what defines us a nation and is the focal point of many conversations. Here in the UK, we never can never be sure whether we are going to see snowfall, rain, hailstorms or sleet.

With the bad weather already showing signs of creeping in across the country, can you be sure that your company is not under threat from adverse temperatures and conditions? A good number of businesses will annually struggle to cope with the changing climates that present themselves in the colder months.

The weather can be responsible for a number of disruptions that may affect your business such as:-

  • Schools are sometimes forced to close meaning that staff members have no choice but to stay home and care for their children.
  • Dangerous road surfaces can impact transport and prevent staff getting to their workplace.
  • Those reliant on public transport can also find themselves unable to get to work, with bad weather causing public transport cancellations.
  • Buildings can be subject to flooding and the damage that it brings with it.

Businesses can be left devastated and staff members unable to access paperwork and files they require in order to complete their daily duties. If such a case was to arise, your company may be looking at big financial losses and maybe even legal penalties should you happen to lose control of important documents.

How can we help?

Cleardata provides document storage services to all corners of the UK and are the experts in securely and compliantly depositing your documents.

  • We can digitise paperwork enabling companies to access essential data no matter the atmospheric surroundings. Our team capture over 36 million images every year and it couldn’t be easier to take advantage of our document storage services.
  • Once digitised paperwork can be stored in a cloud document management system enabling you and your company to carry on running even if you cannot make it into the office. Using a web browser, those members of staff who need to get hold of any records easily can. The only limitations with your documents are the ones set by you. You can grant access and permissions so that only those with the necessity to view and edit files are able to. Your staff can also assign roles to colleagues and add memos to data that is in document storage services.
  • Businesses which rely heavily on paperwork can really reap the benefits of Cleardata’s document storage services. We can arrange delivery and collection of your documents and securely transport them our state of the art facilities, fully protected from fire, flood and theft. We can even archive your files on site and arrange destruction dates with you.

Cleardata’s document storage services can help maximise the efficiency of your company. You can handily seek and retrieve paperwork without having to waste time rummaging through storage boxes and filing cabinets, saving you time and money which is better spent in other areas.

Whether your business is small or large, a shop or a pharmacy, document storage services can accommodate for any size or sector.

For further information about Cleardata’s Document Storage Services, contact our team on 0800 046 8081.