Public Sector Frameworks – Cleardata Document Management

Cleardata’s document scanning, archive storage, digital workflow and document management services can be accessed by the following Public Sector Framework:-

Cleardata's Digital Mail Room Services are available via RM1063 Postal Goods and Services Framework

RM6175 – Records Information Management, Digital Solutions and Associated Services

Lot 2 – Digital Workflow and Cloud-Based Hosting Services

Lot 2 of RM6175 covers:-

  • Digital Workflow Solutions
  • Cloud-Based Hosting Services
  • Scanning Services
  • Interim Technical Resources

Lot 5 – Combined Digital Workflow, Cloud Based Hosting and Records Information Management

Lot 5 of RM6175 covers the following:-

  • Digital Workflow Solutions
  • Cloud-Based Hosting Services
  • Document Scanning Services
  • Interim Technical Resource
  • Off-Site Records Information Management Service
  • Off-Site Storage of Inactive Records
  • Secure Shredding, Destruction and Disposal Services

NHS SBS – Document Storage, Records Management & Integrated Solutions Framework

Cleardata has been successfully awarded onto the following lots of the NHS SBS Document Storage, Records Management & Integrated Solutions Framework.

Lot 1 – Records Management

Lot 3 – Scanning

Lot 4 – Electronic Document Record Management Systems

Lot 5 – One Stop Shop

NHS London Procurement Partnership (LPP) – Digital Document Solutions

London Procurement Partnership (LPP) is a shared procurement partnership operating on behalf of its members and the wider NHS and public sector. Cleardata’s services accessible via the framework include:-

  • Digital Mail Room – Hybrid Mail, Post Room, Digital Communication
  • Document Scanning – Bulk scanning of documentation, including the collection, warehousing, scanning and destruction/return of paper based documentation.   The ability to safely handle, manage and destry personal sensitive data.
  • Document Storage – Storing of physical information in a a safe and secure environment with the ability to return and/or destroy data where required.  The ability to safely handle, manage and destroy personal sensitive data

TC979 – Manchester City Council Framework – Document Scanning & Archive Storage Services

Open to the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) and associate members, Manchester Partners and North West England Local Authorities.

Lot 2 – Semi Active Record Storage

Lot 3 – Document Scanning & Storage of Planning and Building Control Records and other council departments.

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