Archive & Records Management System

Cleardata has developed Cleardox, a bespoke Online Archive & Records Management System for our archive storage clients. This secure application is delivered via a self-service website and enables our clients to manage their document lifecycle and more. See an
inventory of your documents in our archive at any time and manage tasks including:

  • Online statement of archives and files in storage
  • File Requests – Find and submit file requests for our team to retrieve, scan and return. Select urgency of retrieval and method for return e.g. email, SFTP or physical.
  • Collections and deliveries – Request a collection or delivery.
  • Manage locations – Manage and update your location address details.
  • Order Storage Supplies – Request additional archive boxes or barcode labels.
  • Managed Destruction Notifications – Benefit from managed destruction dates, with automated email notifications to authorised users when archives are reaching the end of their retention period.  Authorised users can also search and request destruction via the online portal.
  • Retrieval Request Activity Report – Shows all activity or request made, with the ability to filter by dates.
  • Box Status Reports – Shows all boxes and whether they are in storage, returned or shredded. With the ability to filter by department or phase.
  • Box Contents Reports – Shows each box and its content items. With the ability to filter by department or phase.
  • Audit Trail – Provides a full audit trail of any physical activity with your records.

Steps of archive and record management

Flexible access and management of archives is a key success factor for clients looking to outsource their archives.  Cleardox records management system allows you to remain completely in control of your documents.  At any time you can login, using a personal password, and view statements; control users who are able to access your files; check who is accessing your documents, when they are accessing them and how frequently; and instruct us how to handle your documents.

We have an onsite scanning bureau accompanying our storage facilities so we have a full scan on demand service available. If you want to retrieve a document quickly, we can scan it within 2 hours and sent it to your desktop. You can order this from the records management system and it is a quick and efficient way of receiving your documents.

We can also dispose of documents for you; simply tick the document you want shredding and our qualified team will arrange for secure disposal, without you having to lift a finger.

Records Management & Storage

Any business is required to save certain records as a legal requirement, it is therefore crucial that there is a secure and reliable solution available which allows you to store your documents safely and securely. Cleardata’s offer an online records storage solution, along with our archive storage services.

Why choose Cleardata?

  • Our document storage facilities are secure and accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security
  • All our staff is trained and qualified, and has a wide range of experience working with document management
  • Our Records Management System is easy to use and you remain in complete control of your documents
  • Cleardata have all document management capabilities so not only can we store documents, we collect documents from your premises using our own tracked vehicles, digitise using our own onsite scanning bureau and dispose of documents using our own shredding services.
  • We are a Kodak partner so if you require scanning services, we use the best equipment to deliver high quality results at an extraordinary pace.
  • We have worked with a wide range of blue chip businesses including the NHS.
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By logging in securely to Cleardox Archive Management System, you can:

  • View and print statements as and when required
  • Provide a user access list to secure your records
  • Ask us to retrieve documents that you wish to see
  • See how frequently or infrequently you access your documents
  • See which users are accessing documents
  • Manage and access an inventory of your stored documents
  • Receive notifications for documents approaching destruction dates
  • Inform us to destroy documents that are no longer needed
  • Organise your documents stored offsite
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The exclusive Archive Management System enables you to:-

  • Secure Online Tracking of Your Documents – Quick and easy access to a live, online statement of your documents and records stored offsite. Access reports to see which users have accessed your records over a given period.  Back up your records management organisation with a secure electronic audit trail ,  work out your costs and manage the complete document life cycle of your information. Cleardata’s Archive Management and Storage Solution saves you time, effort and helps you to get organised.
  • Convenience – Order digital retrievals, collections and deliveries through our unique online system.  Need more barcode labels or boxes for archive purposes simply enter your customer details and job information and we’ll sort it for you. Having access to our unique Archive Management System means that YOU can access an inventory of your stored documents online, as and when you want to – you don’t have to phone or contact a member of our team to do so.
  • Keep Control of Your Archive Costs – Our AMS provides a full reporting system, enabling you to track the costs of your archive storage.  Control the costs of your physical and digital retrievals.  Manage which documents are being accessed regularly and receive automatic notifications for destruction of records.
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