Offsite Records Storage – A Valuable Asset

All businesses are at risk in some Secure Offsite Records Storageway or another, fire, floods and cyber attacks to name a few. This is not something that can be eliminated, but can most definitely be planned for. Offsite records storage can be a valuable asset to your organisation and should form part of your business continuity plan. Things to consider:-

  • Where are your archives currently stored?
  • Are they protected from the elements?
  • Who has access to your information?
  • Is your documentation backed up?

Even the smallest of disasters could have a big impact on your business. Consider the loss of all your employee and customer information, not only would this affect your daily operations but could also result in hefty penalties for non-compliance with data regulations.

Benefits of Offsite Records Storage

Offsite document storage ensures key business information is protected from the elements, other benefits include:-

  • Quicker record retrievals
  • More office space
  • Managed destruction dates
  • Improved productivity

Offsite records storage facilities are purpose built to protect documentation to the highest of standards. Premises are protected by enhanced security systems and early fire and water detection technology. Watch our 60 second video below:-

For further information contact our team on 0800 046 8081, or try our quick quote to calculate your archive storage costs.