Reduce business costs by utilising digital mailroom services

Outsourcing your incoming mail and utilising digital mailroom services, can save your business huge amounts of time and money, in comparison to hiring staff to complete manual mailroom tasks.

The average mailroom clerk earns approximately £17,500 per annum. Companies can also expect to pay around £21,000 to employ a mailroom manager. For large organisations, processing huge amounts of incoming mail, this can soon add up.
digital mailroom services

What is a digital mailroom?

A digital mailroom is much more than just scanning and returning in digital format…

  • Using clever technology, data can be automatically captured on arrival and validated against existing data, to improve accuracy of incoming mail.
  • Mail can be automatically routed to the correct employee or department, saving significant time for your business.

As well as reducing employee costs, mail processing speeds will also improve, which can boost customer satisfaction and operational performance.

Here is an example of Cleardata’s digital mailroom service:-

  • Mail is diverted to our secure accredited scanning bureau, using a PO Box, specifically set up to receive your incoming paperwork.
  • Our mailroom team, will open and prepare documents ready for scanning.
  • Documents are scanned using high production scanners, capable of capturing over 410 images per minute.
  • Images are 200% quality checked by our quality assurance team, before being indexed to suit your requirements.
  • Information can be extracted from your documents, using intelligent data capture software.
  • Documents can be securely returned by FTP or uploaded to our secure cloud document management system
  • Automated workflow can send files to the correct members of staff for action or approval.
  • Paper documents can be stored for an agreed period of time, returned to your offices or securely shredded in line with data protection requirements. Written approval will be needed by authorised staff.

Process Improvement

Cleardata’s team of experienced project managers, will map out your existing processes and determine when and where efficiencies can be achieved.

Cleardata can help businesses transform their mailroom business operations. The company has a team of experienced project managers, who can map out existing processes and determine when and where efficiencies can be achieved.

For further information about Cleardata’s digital mailroom services, contact our team on 0800 046 8081.

(source: indeed)