Reducing Office Footprint? Tackle Your Paperwork Challenges

Canary WharfHome-working has become a necessity following the COVID-induced total lockdown we experienced in the earlier part of the year. Now, with an economic downturn, the prolonged threat of the virus, and further lockdowns many businesses are deciding to make the home working situation more permanent. According to a survey in August, conducted by the BBC, 50 of the biggest employers in the UK had no plans to return their full workforce to the office on a full-time basis.  

Some businesses are even dedicating budget to outfitting their workers with all the equipment they need for their home office. This means a reduction in overheads for businesses and increased safety for staff in relation to the virus. 

The Practicality Of Moving Office – Storage Issues & Document Access

Whether a business is moving to a smaller location, adapting their existing premises for social distancing, quitting a physical location altogether, or contingency planning for more lockdowns, they’ll all come across a need for digitising paperwork, document storage and potentially outsourcing their mailroom. It’s not just the storage of documents and mail, but the ability to actively, archive, retrieve, and share them. 

To move your business into a completely digital space you’ll need a digital solution for your physical limitations.

Cleardata can provide a variety of document management services and solutions to overcome these challenges:

Archive Storage

  • Physical documentation is collected and taken to one of our secure sites. The company offers regular collections throughout the UK including city-center locations such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, and Newcastle. 
  • All documents are protected by state-of-the-art security and fire detection
  • Documents will be indexed to existing contents lists, or Cleardata can index to your specifications, improving GDPR compliance
  • Scan on demand – records can be requested and digitally retrieved quickly
  • Online Archive Management System provides complete access to your stored files
    • Full audit trail of file requests and movements
    • Lifecycle management for documents that need to be shredded
    • Request a stored physical file for delivery by courier
    • Get a scanned copy of any files held sent by secure FTP

Scanning Services

  • Documents are scanned and indexed to your criteria
  • Cleardata can scan any size of document from large format drawings to something as small as a business card
  • All scans are checked twice to ensure clarity and quality
  • Your documentation can either be archived in our secure facility or returned to you via our tracked fleet 
  • Digitised images are returned via SFTP, Encrypted Hard Drive, or other preferred media. Alternatively, they can be uploaded into our cloud document management system

Cloud Document Management

  • Documentation is held in a safe, secure, easy to use online application
  • Access your documents remotely 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Clever search functionality to find what you need instantly
  • User profiles can be assigned with varying levels of access depending on role and permissions
  • A full auditable trail, complete with version control, is available for any file requests or document movement
  • Secure data protection – Cleardata is a registered data controller and accredited to ISO27001

Digital Mailroom Service

  • Mail is redirected via PO Box
  • Incoming post is opened, sorted, scanned, and stored at one of our secure locations
  • The latest Kodak scanning technology means high-quality digital imagery
  • Any cheques received can be scanned, recorded, and then banked using a secure G4S service
  • Structured documents such as invoices, credit notes, or claim forms can be validated against existing systems to ensure paperwork received meets your requirements
  • Automatic responses can be set up for any non-compliant documentation
  • Exception reporting is also available for any documents that don’t meet validation rules

If you’re one of those businesses looking to have staff work from home on a permanent or more regular basis, these solutions will aid you in achieving your digital goal. 

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