Sales Order Processing Automation

Cleardata’s automated sales order processing services can help your business receive customer orders in a consistent structured format to improve order processing speed and save valuable time.

sales order processing automation

Automated processing improves the accuracy of captured data, can help identify common issues in your processes and cuts down on the number of client queries, reducing the time your team spend on the phone.

Businesses who receive sales orders by emails, are often faced with unstructured requests, in a variety of formats.  This can be a real challenge in deciphering the correct products required, checking latest prices and slow down your end-to-end order process.  Delivery deadlines can also be missed or delayed due to a lack of structure in the sales order process.

Sales order processing – how we can help…

  • Consultancy Discovery Day – our team can assess your existing paper and digital processes and provide a recommended solution to suit your business needs.
  • Digital Mail Room – outsource your incoming paperwork or forms to our team and we can scan, capture and return to you for processing.
  • Scanning Services –  scanning bureau digitises 4 million images per month, the company has a fleet of Kodak high production scanners and provides a 200% quality checking service.
  • Form Design – experts on hand to help design your sales order forms in a structured manner, with intelligent data capture in mind.
  • Intelligent Data Capture – Kofax trained team to automate the capture of your incoming data, via email or paper, regardless of the format.
  • Sales Order Validation – Once captured, our team can compare and validate your incoming data against existing information, e.g. latest prices, customer name or product description.   Orders can be checked for any missing data e.g. purchase order number or product number and also validated against existing database information.  If a problem is identified, this can be escalated to the operator, who will verify the order contents, check for errors, correct and complete.  Once resolved, the sales order will be released.
  • Records Management – Cleardata offers a cloud based document management system. Orders can be securely stored and indexed, enabling information to be found quickly and easily from any location.

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Here are the wide-ranging benefits of Sales Order Processing Automation from Cleardata:

  • Better organisation – With Cleardata’s system, you will receive sales orders in a structured and consistent manner. This allows quicker processing and minimises the risk of sales orders slipping through the net, or of errors occurring.
  • Profitability – Sales order processing automation from Cleardata enables you to process a much higher volume of sales orders, which in turn increases profits. Your company can operate on the next level: the more sales orders you can process, the more money you can make.
  • Speed – The automated system means you can greatly improve processing speeds. This not only saves time and therefore money, but also helps you to meet agreed delivery timescales, thus improving your business relationships too.
  • Reduce Manual Processes – Automation of processes means your sales team has fewer time-consuming manual tasks to carry out. Saving valuable time and allowing them to spend more effort on account management, lead follow up and generating additional sales.
  • Improve Data Accuracy – Reduce the risk of human error in sales order processing thanks to automation. The system allows you to validate information automatically and reduce errors in pricing and product orders.

For further details about Sales Order Processing Services please call 0800 046 8081 today or contact our team for more information Contact Us