Save Your Company Money With Offsite Document Storage

Some businesses only consider moving their document storage offsite when their premises are really struggling Document Storage Securitywith capacity and they are in desperate need of more space. Of course, freeing up extra space in your business is a big plus for offsite document storage, but the benefits don’t stop there. In fact, arguably an even more important reason to move your documents to offsite storage is that it can end up saving your business a lot of money. In this post we look at the financial benefits of offsite document storage.

Offsite document storage space is cheaper per square metre than office space

If you’re currently storing all of your paper documents at your offices, you’re paying an unnecessary premium. Specialist facilities designed for document storage, such as Cleardata’s secure warehouse, are a much more affordable option, whilst also keeping your documents incredibly well protected from theft and other threats. Moving your documents to a premises like this means you can rent less office space, or use the space that is freed up for other business activities, or to accommodate more staff to help grow your business.

You can locate key documents and information faster

Did you know that on average it takes businesses 5.61 days to retrieve a paper document that has been archived? For some, it can even take several months. Think of the valuable staff time that this uses up while they are searching for documents. This prevents them from potentially doing work to make the business more money. If you hire an external company to store and archive your paper documents offsite, they will be professionally indexed and the expert document management staff will be able to locate and provide you with your document in no time. The money you pay your staff can be put to good use instead. Cleardata can also digitise all of your documents if desired, which makes them even easier and quicker to locate.

Ensure compliance with managed document storage

An inability to locate documents quickly can lead to even graver consequences and financial penalties. In many situations, the failure to produce an important document when requested can lead to your company being fined, alongside the other legal implications. This risk has intensified since the introduction of the GDPR. Under this European legislation, anyone about whom you hold personal data can request to view all of the data you hold on them. This must be supplied within one month of the request. This is another way in which offsite document storage can save you money. If you receive any requests of this nature, or indeed a large volume of them at once, Cleardata can quickly locate and supply you with all the required documentation, so you can maintain legal compliance and avoid getting stung by large fines.

Cleardata specialises in document storage and management. This includes storage and archiving of physical paper documents in our state-of-the-art secure facility, as well as scanning and digital archiving services.

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