Scanning & Records Management For Efficient Business Mergers & Acquisitions

cloud document managent
When a business goes through a merger or acquisition, it’s imperative to get documents and paperwork in order.  The takeover or management team often wants to analyse data and reports for management information and identify opportunities for best practice transfer, which can be difficult if records aren’t managed efficiently.

Document Scanning and Cloud Document Management could help with your business merger or acquisition, bringing information together in an efficient solution, accessible from any location.

High volumes of paperwork can be scanned from multiple office locations and uploaded to a cloud document management solution,  enabling your management team to access, search and review data quickly and easily.

Automated workflow can also be added to your document journey,  to get your business information to the right person in your business for review or approval. This can be a powerful tool when going through a business change or transition, helping to automate manual business processes, saving valuable time and money.

What types of documents are often reviewed as part of a merger or takeover?

  • HR and Personnel Policies, Procedures & Records
  • Legal Documents & Contracts
  • Financial Documents
  • Management Reports
  • Operational &  Planning Records
  • Customer Information
  • Standards of Service
  • Business Processes & Transactions

Cleardata’s Secure Cloud Document Management System, allows you to check records in and out and offers a full electronic audit trail. Documents can be secured at a user and role level.   For further details about Cleardata’s Document Scanning and Cloud Document Management Solutions call 0800 046 8081.