Accounting Records Management

Legal requirements to retain accounting records such as bank statements, invoices, cash books and tax documentation can be costly for businesses if not managed correctly. With high storage costs for paperwork and manual data capture processes.

Cleardata provides accredited services for accounting records management helping businesses to digitise and protect records, cut costs and improve efficiencies.

Partnership Service

We provide a partnership approach for Accountants, helping financial organisations to offer a digitisation service to their clients to:-

  • Scan or Archive Records
  • Digitise and back up important paperwork
  • Enable financial documentation to be found quickly using a simple keyword search
  • Low cost cloud document management solution to store, retrieve and access information quickly and easily

Document Management Services include:-

Document Scanning Service

The company’s secure scanning facility is home to a fleet of high production scanners, capable of digitising large volumes of records into electronic files on a daily basis. Our scanning team operate using a unique bureau management system, enabling staff to identify peaks. The system allows the operations team to allocate staff correctly, we also have the capability to switch to a 24 hour shift pattern to cope with high demand projects.

Invoice Scanning with Automated Capture

  • Cleardata’s automated invoice processing solution enables information such as supplier names, amounts and logos to be automatically extracted from fax, email, electronic and paper invoices.
  • Invoice data such as purchase order and supplier names validated against existing data files before import into existing systems.
  • Workflow utilised to divert invoices to the correct department for approval, query or reject.

Click here and discover how we helped The Blackstone Group LLP with their invoicing or watch our 60 second video below.

Secure Document Storage

Cleardata’s secure document storage solution can assist your business in complying with accounting records retention policies. Our premises are protected by the latest technologies including biometric entry, redcare security and early fire and flood detection systems.

As part of our accounting records management service, we provide a scan on demand solution that enables records to be returned within two hours. Files are quickly located, scanned and securely transferred using secure ftp.

Onsite Scanning Service

In some instances files can not be taken off site, due to their confidential nature. As part of our scanning service, we can set up an onsite scanning facility within your organisation, click here for further information.

Cloud Document Management

Cleardata’s low cost cloud document management system provides flexible access to your records. Scanned images can be uploaded with associated metadata for quick search and fast retrieval. The system can be accessed from a location using internet connection, enabling staff to view and download information out of the office.

For further details about Accounting Records Management please call 0800 046 8081 today or contact our team for more information Contact Us

Other Services

  • Digital Mailroom
  • Secure Document Shredding
  • Paperless Office Services

For further details about Accounting Records Management please call 0800 046 8081 today or contact our team for more information Contact Us