Automotive Document Management

Cleardata provides automotive document management solutions to businesses throughout the industry. UK customers range from large OEMs to used and new car franchises, our team offers a wealth of knowledge on digitising paperwork and managing automotive documentation in the cloud. 

Document Scanning

Our secure UK document scanning bureau can digitise records quickly using a fleet of high production scanners.  Cleardata frequently scans vehicle finance agreements, invoices, service and quality records, HR documents and even large-format drawings. Once in digital format, automotive records can be stored in our cloud document management solution, providing easy access from any location. 

Document Types: 

  • Blueprints & drawings
  • V5
  • Service documentation
  • Insurance certificates
  • Personnel files
  • VHC (Vehicle Health Check) 
  • Claim forms
  • Finance documents
  • Warranty Information

Archive Storage

Cleardata offers secure offsite storage with fast scan on-demand retrieval. This allows car dealerships, fleet management companies and vehicle manufacturers to store automotive records offsite and access information quickly and easily.  Archived documents are indexed digitally with a statement of records stored and accessible via our online Cleardox Archive Management System. This provides a GDPR compliant automotive document management service, allowing authorised users to:-

  • Digitally manage archives stored offsite
  • Arrange file requests
  • Request collections/additional archive boxes
  • Authorise destruction
  • Manage archive lifecycle with retention dates and automated destruction notifications
  • Extend archive periods
  • View a full audit trail of any physical activity

Large Format Drawing Digitisation 

As part of our automotive document management services, Cleardata digitises large format drawings and plans, producing high-quality digital files. The end product is a shareable, securely transmitted, digital copy that ensures documentation longevity. The physical copies can then be stored at one of our secure facilities

Read more about our large format digitisation services here

Our clients in the automotive industry benefit from:

  • Increased storage space
  • Faster file retrieval
  • Easier sharing of documentation
  • Reduction in manual tasks 
  • High-quality copies of their paperwork

Fleet Document Management

Managing fleet documentation can be a 24/7 job, with issues and demands coming up when they’re least expected. It pays to have fleet documentation accessible and easily searchable from anywhere at any time, which is where Cleardox EDM comes in. Digitise your fleet documentation and store them in our secure cloud-based document management system, accessible from any device with an internet connection. Learn more about Cleardox EDM here

  • Access files 24/7, 365 days a year from any device with an internet connection
  • Recall documents faster and more efficiently  
  • Manage the lifecycle of your fleets documentation – keep track of key dates
  • Easily share documents with those who need it
  • Digitally backup files 

Off-Site Invoice Processing

Even today many smaller automotive suppliers still rely on paper invoicing to secure payment. For example, valeting businesses, body shops, upholsterers, mobile dent repair or even independent garages may still be embracing the old paper format.  This results in a large number of physical documents to scan for payment.  There’s a substantial associated cost to processing invoices in-house, in both money and staff time. Those resources can be better spent and considerable savings made by outsourcing your invoice processing to Cleardata. Read more about our invoice processing solution here

  • Reduce staff time spent on invoice processing
  • Increase the rate at which invoices are processed
  • Improve the quality of your scans
  • Reduce exceptions and errors with automated inconsistency detection ensuring complete documents

For more information about Cleardata’s Automotive Document Management services call 0800 046 8081 or contact us