Document Scanning, Data Capture & Management for the Charity Sector

Cleardata provides document management solutions to many UK charitable organisations to help digitise paperwork, free up valuable office space and reduce processing time and costs associated with paperwork.  Our solutions include:-

  • document scanning
  • intelligent data capture
  • secure document storage
  • on-line document management

Many of our clients are registered charities and tell us that paperwork can cause issues with office space and document retrieval. One of the main drivers for digitising their paperwork is to free up office space and save money on survey data capture and processing.

We know that starting and running a Charitable Organisation involves a lot of paperwork and record keeping – most of which needs to be kept securely, and in order, for tax relief and compliance purposes. Charities are legally required to keep certain records over a long period and historic data can be requested by the charity commission for fundraising, financial, compliance, promotional or other purposes at any time.

Digitisation of charity records can help organisation run more efficiently, saving time and money on manual processes and data capture. Document scanning and intelligent capture solutions are available to automatically extract key information from charitable forms and surveys, saving valuable time and increasing the accuracy of data.

Records commonly kept by charities include:-

  • Records of Donations and Sponsorship Forms
  • Gift Aid Record Keeping
  • Banking, Accounting and Audit Records
  • Financial  and Annual Reports
  • Policies for Child and Data Protection
  • Records of Grants Applied for and Received
  • Contacts and Membership Information
  • Information on Supporters and Potential Supporters
  • Minutes of Board Meetings
  • Questionnaires and Research Documents

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How Can Cleardata Help?

At Cleardata, we have provided efficient and professional document scanning, intelligent data capture solutions, document storage and survey and forms capture  to Charities throughout the UK for many years.

Accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security, all of our staff are security checked by Disclosure Scotland and our premises are fully secure and protected.

Document Scanning

With one of the largest scanning bureaus in the country, we use state of the art Kodak scanning technology to scan your charitable documents and information. With the ability to capture documents of all sizes, we can scan anything from small receipts and tickets to maps, plans and posters.

Once scanned, we can return them to you in an electronic format to suit your needs.

Document Storage

Offering fully secure and protected document storage facilities, our purpose built warehouse features water detection, VESDA (very early smoke detection alert) systems and 24 hour monitored CCTV.

In the event that you do need historical documents FAST, we provide a scan on demand service where an experienced member of our team can retrieve, scan and upload your document to you within two hours of your request.

Intelligent Data Capture

At Cleardata, we know how time consuming and costly manual data entry can be and that is why we work with you to create forms and questionnaires that can easily and accurately captured electronically.

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