Farming and Agriculture Records Management

People working in farming and agriculture are faced with large amounts of paperwork to ensure compliance with animal health/welfare regulations and food legislation, along with private companies requirements to ensure safety in the food chain. 

Farmers are required to keep many different types of documents and records to cover:-

  • Animal disease management such as disease response continuity plans and documentation to manage any disease outbreaks.
  • Farm Health and Welfare Plans (FHP) – producing and updating records to meet disease control,animal welfare and food safety.
  • Death records – maintain a record of the amount of mortalities found on inspection of animals
  • Feed records – type of feed, batch number, date received and sold.
  • Cleaning – methods and records of treatments
  • Finance – invoices, receipts and delivery notes
  • HR – personnel records

Cleardata provides a range of document management solutions and services to help organisations working in farming and agriculture manage their records efficiently. 

Document Scanning – Our bureau can digitise over 4 million images every month.  Once in digital format records can be indexed to ensure you only keep them for the required period.  This will also enable information to be found quickly and easily. Cleardata’s bureau is accredited for information security and all scanned images are quality checked by two separate operatives.

Document Storage – Outsource the storage of your farming records e.g. feed records, cleaning and pesticide records, animal welfare records to our secure archive storage facility.  Records can be retrieved and returned quickly and easily using Cleardata’s scan on demand service.  

Cloud Document Management – Digitised farming records can be stored in our cloud document management solution. This allows records to be easily searched and accessed instantly by keyword.  Records can be indexed by any required field e.g. spray or treatment record date, farm location, animal identification number or transfer date. 

Data Entry and Data Capture – Cleardata’s bureau offers data entry services to process large amounts of data. The company also offers automated data capture from digitised paperwork.  Our software can capture information from documents such as invoice number, date, amount, vat number. Data can then be validated against your back office farming systems. 

For further information about Cleardata’s Farming and Agriculture Records Management Services and Solutions call our team on 0800 046 8081 or contact us. 

Watch our document management services videos below to find out more about our Farming and Agriculture records management solutions.