Financial Document Management

Cleardata offers Financial Document Management Services to many businesses and organisations in the UK. Clients include: – insolvency practitioners, financial advisers, banks and claims processing companies. We provide solutions to improve business processes, help you go paperless, secure financial information and improve compliance. Cleardata offers the following services:-

Financial Document Scanning

Our scanning bureau can securely digitise your financial paperwork to any digital format. Cleardata uses Kodak scanning technology which can capture any size document from financial receipts up to large format documentation. Digital images can be indexed with any meta data, enabling your team to find information quickly and easily.

On-site Scanning Bureau

Due to the secure, confidential nature of financial documents, you may prefer to have your documents scanned on-site.  If so, we can visit your premises, understand your needs and create an on-site scanning bureau within your organisation. Full staff training and development will be provided.

electronic mailroom

Digital Mail Room

Secure mail room service to handle any incoming financial documentation. Accredited for information security and self-certified for PCI compliance. Our mail room team can open, sort and scan your data and return digital information via secure FTP or via our cloud solutions.

Cheque Handling and Banking – Our mail room team can open your cheques for you, scan/digitally record incoming cheques and bank them for you. Banking is completed securely, with all collections secured by G4S.


Invoice Processing

Cleardata has invested in the latest intelligent capture software to enable us to automatically extract data from invoices or other financial documents. Data such as invoice number, amount, supplier name or purchase order number can be automatically extracted and output to a csv file, for verification and import into existing financial systems. This can save valuable time on manual data entry, reduce errors and improve reporting for your business.

Electronic Document Management

Cloud Document Management

Our cloud solution securely stores your information, providing flexible access from any location using a web browser. Records can be tagged with any required meta data and found quickly and easily. Financial information can also be routed to the right person in your organisation using automated work flow. Take the manual work out of your processes and save valuable time for your business.

Automated Account Statement Reconciliation

Cleardata offers Robotic Process Automation Services for Finance Departments using a team of cloud-based software robots. The digital robot workers can be used to perform manual finance tasks such as account statement reconciliation or supplier onboarding.  Watch our quick Finance RPA explainer video to find out more.

HR Document Storage

Secure Document Storage

Office space can be an expensive issue for companies handling financial paperwork. Due to compliance and regulation, financial documents often have to be kept for long periods of time. Cleardata’s secure document storage services provide secure off-site document storage for your information. Records are protected by the latest in fire detection and security systems.

Scan on Demand – Documents stored in our facility can be retrieved quickly using our scan on demand service. Records can be requested, retrieved, scanned and digitally returned within a guaranteed 2 hours of your request. Watch our video to find out more.

Cleardata provides solutions for many types of financial information including:-

  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
  • Cash Receipts
  • Expenses
  • Credit Agreements
  • Loans
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Claims
  • Banking Documentation
  • Cheques
  • Statements
  • FSA Agreements
  • Tax Returns and Applications
  • Insolvency Files and IVA Documents
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