HR Document Management

Cleardata provides a range of document management services for HR Records to help your organisation manage records efficiently, with GDPR compliance in mind. Our team frequently digitises HR, Personnel, Occupational Health, Training, Payroll and Pensions Records.  Assured to ISO27001 for Information Security, BS 10008 for Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information and ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems.

We can scan your HR records and digitally index them into category areas  e.g terms & conditions, right to work, employee relations, payroll and training, so you can manage what you need to keep for GDPR compliance purposes.  Our secure archive facility, combined with Cleardata’s online Archive Management System, will allow you to monitor records stored offsite and retrieve information quickly as and when you need it.    Cloud based document management allows information to be digitally stored and retrieved quickly at the touch of a button. Cleardata’s document management services are used by many business to free up valuable office space and save time manually processing paperwork.

HR Document Scanning Services

Cleardata scans over 11 million images each month. Our bureau is set up for high volume capture and is quality managed to ISO9001. We’re also accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security and can scan HR Records for businesses of all sizes, including blue chip and public sector organisations. We prioritise quality and security when it comes to document scanning Our state of the art scanners can handle small and large format documents.

When we receive your employee records or other documents for scanning, each one can be indexed using OCR technology – this means that your employee records or other documents can be digitised, searched and then easily retrieved.

Scanned records can be returned to you in a convenient format for you and your files will be regularly backed up in our hi-tech scanning bureau – giving you peace of mind that your documents will always be fully protected.

So many HR departments have found our document scanning services to be invaluable, saving them time, money and office space.

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HR Document Storage

Our state of the art, fully protected, secure document Document Storagestorage facility allows you to store your essential HR records offsite. We offer guaranteed digital retrieval within hours of your request, using our scan on demand service. Documents can be retrieved, scanned and digitally returned in any required format, via email, secure ftp upload or using our on-line document management system.  This means you can access your retrieved HR and employee records from any location, using a secure web browser.

Our secure document storage facility features a very early smoke detection alert system (VESDA), Access Control systems, Flood Detection sensors, 24/7 CCTV monitoring,  allowing you to rest in the knowledge that your documents will be safe and secure at all times.

Records stored offsite are booked into our online Archive Management System, Cleardox AMS.  This allows our clients to request file retrievals, manage retention dates and receive automated notifications for destruction.

Secure Shredding

When and if the time comes for your documents to be destroyed, Cleardata provides a secure destruction service on-site that fully complies with BS EN 15713 for secure destruction, data protection legislation and information security policies and procedures.  We can notify you, using managed destruction dates, when your archives are due to be disposed of.

Cloud Document Management

Our secure on-line document management system is an affordable solution, that allows you to fully access and manage your documents from any location using a web browser. We can scan and upload your documents to the cloud, enabling you to view them in whatever format they were created e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, jpeg etc.

By indexing documents with appropriate meta data e.g. employee name, payroll number etc you can find your HR records quickly and easily, making this the perfect solution for securing, searching and retrieving your employee records, such as application forms, leavers files, appraisals or training records.

Our on-line cloud solution enables you to view documents in their original format, assign tasks (associated with a document) to other people in your organisation and provides a full electronic audit trail for your documentation.

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Automate HR Processes – Robotic Process Automation

Cleardata can help automate your manual HR processes, using robotic process automation services.  This can automate employee onboarding tasks such as:-

  • Setting up employee records
  • Sending out employee handbooks
  • Right to work checks
  • Perform employee checks in 3rd party systems
  • Order workwear or equipment

Our cloud-based software robots can be trained to complete many different types of HR tasks. Watch our video below to find out more…

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