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Are you looking to improve your Marketing Document Management? The team at Cleardata is here to help by providing a range of comprehensive solutions to help your business save office space, reduce time spent on manual data capture backup important paper records and automate your slow paper processes.

Cleardata can help you with capturing data from business cards for your sales or exhibition team, digitising your market research/survey returns, analysing incoming data, capturing information from your loyalty points scheme or archiving your documentation. Cleardata offers the fastest and most versatile way to digitise your documentation.

We take our clients’ information security very seriously, that’s why Cleardata are fully accredited and operate from secure premises. With Cleardata, you get efficiency, quality and safety.

Cleardata’s services include:-

  • Document Scanning – We can scan any size of document using high volume production scanners. All images are quality checked by two operators. The team can remove all staples and paper clips and will digitally file and output your images in any required format.
  • Automated Data Capture and Reporting Services – Cleardata has invested in intelligent data capture software, enabling us to automatically extract data from your surveys or documents. Information can then be checked against databases such as PAF or Salesforce to verify your data.
  • Form Design & Printing – If you’re in the process of designing your paper surveys, let us help you with your form design and printing. We can help you design your forms with intelligent data capture in mind. Our team will also advise on bar code labelling to reduce manual data entry for your business, saving valuable time and money.
  • Data Entry and Data Capture Services – We capture large volumes of data in a cost effective manner by offering manual data entry and data capture services.
  • Spreadsheet Analysis and Bespoke Reporting – Our dedicated IT team will set up scripts and formulas for you to sort out your spreadsheets and databases, presenting your information in an easy to understand format. They can set up bespoke reports to suit your needs and help you analyse your information easily.
  • Secure Archive Storage – Store your records in our secure facility, protected by enhanced fire detection and security systems. Information can be retrieved within 2 hours of your request. We fully manage your archive storage, with agreed dates for destruction and confidential shredding services. We take no chances with your information security.
  • Digital Mail Room Services – Our mail room team can open, sort and scan your incoming surveys or paperwork. Data, once scanned, can be sent back to you via FTP or can be uploaded to Cleardata’s cloud document management solution.
  • Cloud Document Management – Cleardata’s robust cloud solution allows you to access your documents from anywhere, you only need a web browser.

For further details about Cleardata's Marketing Document Management and Data Capture Services call 0800 046 8081 today or contact our team for more information Contact Us

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For further details about Cleardata's Marketing Document Management and Data Capture Services call 0800 046 8081 today or contact our team for more information Contact Us