Secure your Sensitive Documents – Prime Minister’s Travel Files left on a Train

It’s been reported that during Theresa May’s visit to the North West back in January earlier this year, the Prime Minister’s very confidential travel schedule was accidentally left on a train. Included in the sensitive government documents was the address of her hotel, as well as her plans to attend a science park in Warrington, near Chester.

Number 10 are currently launching an inquiry into the “serious security breach”.

Cleardata offer a range of solutions for organisations to secure their confidential documents at all times.

Document Scanning

Having important paperwork scanned enables files to become digitised. If travel is a necessity in your line of work, document scanning services would save your paper-based documents being damaged en route. It also eliminates the risk of files being torn, or most importantly the possibility of sensitive information being mislaid or stolen.

Scanned documents are also able to be bookmarked, indexed and OCR’d, allowing you to simply search and locate required files quickly. It also creates backup and protection of your information, as well as eliminating the need of large filing cabinets, that can be easily accessed by unauthorised employees, to store the files.

Documents are scanned in Cleardata’s secure Cyber Essentials Certified Facility, which is a government-backed scheme that protects businesses against cyber-attacks.

Document Management System

Implementing an electronic document management system to store important and sensitive data can be extremely beneficial for organisations, and can be particularly useful for individuals who travel a lot within their profession. The heavily secure system offers a digital filing cabinet that enables a simple store, search and retrieval process of your documents.

This document management system is a perfect solution for organisations who need to access files and information from multiple locations. The system can be accessed from portable and mobile devices with automatically timed log-outs, allowing confidential files to be completely protected in a secure system, rather than risking sensitive information being mishandled or mislaid on public transport, such as documents being left on a train.

Numerous user portals can also be set up with individual passwords and are allocated access to relevant files. This allows documents to be protected by restricting the access to authorised personnel only. The system also provides a full electronic audit trail.

Archive Facility

Cleardata have recently built a new facility in Hawarden Business Park, based near Chester in the North West for document storage services. The facility provides the latest security and protection, accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security and ISO9001 for Quality Management Systems.

Archiving confidential documents in secure premises allows large organisations to save office administrator’s time in locating particular files from numerous filing cabinets and ensures the safety of important information. Storing confidential data offsite also reduces internal security breaches of leaking data, as well as increasing employee efficiency as requested files can be instantly scanned and sent to the permitted user. Having information archived and scanned when requested also eliminates documents being left on a train.

Cleardata’s highly secure document facility is protected by a number of security features. Biometric fingerprint entry systems are installed at all entrances of the premises, permitting only registered employees to gain access, as well as 24 hour CCTV in and around the premises. The warehouse is fitted with redcare security systems and Vesda enhanced fire detection system that detects very early smoke.

For further information in protecting your confidential documents when travelling, contact our team on 0800 046 8081.