Severe UK Weather – Consider Paperless Solutions to Protect Your Business

Document Scanning and Cloud Document Management Can Protect Your Business from Severe Weather
The UK is being battered by high winds and heavy rain, with severe weather warnings continuing.  Many businesses can be affected by these appalling conditions with lost time and money due to flooding, building damage, travel restrictions and employees unable to make their normal journeys to work.

Paperless solutions should be considered by businesses, as they can essentially help companies to continue working in these difficult circumstances.

If documents are digitised and stored in a cloud document management system, employees can continue to work from other locations, for example from home or other accessible office locations.  Records are also backed up and protected from flood damage, providing secure business continuity for your company.

Cloud Document Management can enable your staff to:-

  • Find information quickly and easily, using a fast search facility and access documents in their original format e.g. Microsoft Excel or Word.
  • Work together in an on-line environment through a simple My Workspace area.  The  workspace allows staff to view their own tasks,  add notes/messages to documents and assign or delegate tasks to other team members.
  • Collaborate with other users on projects, discussing latest updates and issues in one place, with associated documents and information readily to hand.
  • Benefit from automated workflow, allowing users to authorise or review information and pass information to the next user in the process.

This technology essentially allows your business to securely access and manage important information from any location. Scanning your essential records can be completed quickly and easily, and no upfront software costs are required for our on-line document management system, providing an affordable option for your business.

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