Social Housing Records Management

Social Housing Records Management
The Information Commissioner’s Office recently published findings on information security and records management for Social Housing Organisations,  including Housing Associations and Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMOs). Data protection is important for these organisations, who handle and share large amounts or personal data with other organisations as part of their day to day work.

The consequences of not implementing satisfactory data protection and information security measures can be serious, facing enforcement action by the ICO and civil penalties up to £500,000.

Social Housing Organisations process high volumes of paperwork and electronic information including tenancy agreements, financial data and contact information.  Information is often used by mobile workers visiting tenants and shared with other agencies to maintain properties and perform duties such as rent collection.

Cleardata can help Social Housing Organisations to improve their records management and secure information.  The company offers a range of services and document management solutions to help including:-

Document Scanning 

  • Convert paper records to digital format.  Digitise tenancy agreements, maintenance records & contact information
  • Improve information access, enabling data to be found quickly and easily using keyword search
  • Enable faster response to subject access requests
  • Free up valuable office space
  • Protect paperwork – only allow access to those users who need it

On-line Document Management

  • Securely store information in our on-line document management solution
  • Secure information access for remote workers from any location, using a web browser
  • Role based access – restrict access to appropriate users
  • Electronic audit trail – monitor and record activity of who has accessed information for your organisation
  • Automated workflow for your documentation, set up managed rules and verification of your information

Secure Document Storage

  • Secure archive storage in an accredited facility
  • Fast digital retrieval for documents stored offsite
  • Managed destruction dates and retention for your archived records
  • Shredding services

For further details about Cleardata’s Social Housing Records Management, Document Scanning Services and Document Digitization Services call 0800 046 8081 or contact our team.