How Efficient Employee Record Keeping Can Help Spot Talent in Your Business

When a vacancy arises in your company, finding the right candidate to fill the position can be an arduous task. HR record management example The recruitment process is time-consuming and often expensive, so it comes as no surprise that more and more HR managers are now looking internally to recruit new staff members.

Around 85% of companies now attempt to develop existing employees for job vacancies rather than recruiting externally, and it is something that all businesses should be considering. But in order to do so, it is vital that your HR team know exactly who is in your workforce already.

Integral to the ability to recruit internally is an effective HR record keeping system. It is crucial that employees’ skill sets, work history and information can all be easily accessed in order to identify the right candidate for the job. But, this can be particularly difficult for large or growing businesses as, with a high number of employees, it can be challenging to quickly identify the talent within your own company.

Posting jobs internally is no longer a sufficient approach to in-house recruiting, evidence-based insight into which candidates could suit the role is essential.

Having an effective employee record system allows multiple internal applicants to be put forward for the job, enabling their skillset and experience to be easily compared. Without an updated, electronic system of record keeping it can be difficult to identify the necessary information to compare employees, as it is often stored in entirely different places. Not only is it confusing to spot the key segments of information, but doing so can also be time-consuming for HR staff.

Updating and efficiently categorising employee data means that HR staff no longer have to trawl through pages of information to find what they need, freeing up time to spend on more complex HR tasks.

At Cleardata, a range of HR Document Management options make it easier to manage your records.

  • Document Scanning and Intelligent Indexing  – Our bureau can digitise over 4 million images per month, converting employee records to digital format quickly and easily. Valuable Information can be indexed by name and employee number, enabling you to manage your talent efficiently. Records can also be segregated by category to tick the box for GDPR (data protection) compliance purposes.
  • Secure Archive Storage – HR records can be securely stored offsite.  Information can be indexed to suit your needs. Our online archive management system Cleardox provides full visibility and enables users to request files when needed through scan-on-demand retrieval.
  • Cloud Document Management – Cleardata’s online solution, provides fast retrieval via a unique key hook search functionality for employee records.  Users can highlight a name or employee number, press a quick key and all associated records will pop up on their screen without even logging into the system.

Effective archiving and indexing of documents digitally allow all relevant information to be accessed as quickly as possible. Not only does this save you and your HR department time but it also saves money!

Even if you are not looking to recruit, an organised system of employee records is useful in any business; staff who deserve bonuses, awards or promotions are more easily identified and commendations more accurately awarded. This also helps to improve employee satisfaction, as employees receive the recognition they deserve. Conversely, good record keeping can also help to identify those who may no longer be a suitable fit for your team.

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