Spring Time – Go on, sort out that paperwork

Improve Your Document Management
Every now and then it makes you feel much better to have a good old tidy up.  This is true for both in the home and office. At home, I  encourage kids to sort out their rooms, but they often manage to avoid it with some X box related adventure. This can cause an issue when an essential item can’t be found!

Perhaps X-box isn’t a distraction in your office, but business people do avoid sorting out their documents and paperwork, due to time restraints or other operational issues.  This can cause problems with finding vital information and data security.  For example, your management team needs some information right now, just before the board meeting, your department depends on it and well, you can’t find it.

Misfiled or lost documentation and paperwork can be costly for your business, causing delayed projects, lost time or lack of information for key business decisions.   Customer information, operational data, management statistics or copies of legal contracts are just a few examples.

So, with this in mind,  take control and get started with improving your document & records management and reducing business costs, here’s a few things to do:-

  • Sort out your back archives and consider outsourcing your document storage – once off-site, this can free up valuable office space.  Documents will also be managed effectively, with indexed information, fast digital retrieval, accredited security and managed destruction dates.
  • Consider scanning your paper records – digital documents can be searched and found by keyword, from your desktop.  This also provides a back up of your paper records and enables you to restrict access to your information, improving data protection and security.  You’ll be able to get rid of some filing cabinets in your office and make space for extra staff, increasing productivity and profits.
  • Store data in the cloud – cloud storage enables access to your digital information from any location, using a web browser.  This can provide flexible access to information, during a crisis or emergency, enabling to staff to work from other office locations or from home.
  • Digital Mailroom – think about diverting your paper records via a digital mail room. Paperwork can be captured on arrival, scanned and uploaded to the cloud for your team to access.  Cloud document management allows documents to be routed to the right person in your business using work flow, based on your business processes.

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