Start planning for year end, don’t leave it until the last minute!

Year end planning & support
With 2016 around the corner, year end will soon be upon us. Don’t leave it until last minute to gather your key information. Making preparations early will save you huge amounts of time and help your business avoid hefty late filing penalties. Things to start thinking about:-

  • Ensure business expenses are up to date
  • File all invoices
  • Gather payroll records & bank statements
  • Remember your VAT return
  • Verify your financial data and information for your annual report

How can we help?

Cleardata offer a range of solutions to help with your year-end planning. Including:-

Document Scanning Services

Loosing crucial documents, such as invoices and business receipts could significantly impact your tax return calculations. It will also make annual reporting difficult, satisfying your internal and external auditors with sufficient verification can be extremely time consuming, if you can’t find all the relevant records and information to back up your data.

Converting paperwork to digital format will provide a backup of key financial data. Files can also be indexed by any key field, allowing faster retrieval and a smooth audit process.

Outsourced Archive Storage

Outsource your records to a secure storage facility. Information can be indexed by any key field, enabling documents to be found quickly. Paperwork can be retrieved utilising a scan on demand service. This means records can be requested, retrieved, scanned and returned to your desktop with an increasingly quick turnaround.

Invoice Processing

For businesses dealing with high volumes of invoices. Automated invoice processing services from Cleardata can save huge amounts of staff time. Invoices can be diverted to our digital mail room and scanned on a daily basis. Our Intelligent data capture software allows key information to be extracted from paper, fax or emailed invoices. Once information has been extracted, data is validated against existing databases, ensuring higher levels of accuracy.

Cloud Document Management

Scanned invoices can be uploaded into Cleardata’s cloud document management system. The system allows information to be accessed from any location using a web browser. Integrated workflow enables documents to be sent between departments in multiple locations for approval, query or rejection.

For further details about Cleardata’s Scanning and Invoicing Services call our team on 0800 046 8081 or contact us.