Start the New Year with a tidy office – Outsource your archives

Christmas, Sort out your year end paperwork
Christmas is nearly here and many office workers will be using the break in activity to sort out their end of  year paperwork and documentation.

As Christmas is the time for giving, we’ve put together a list of hints and tips for you to take into consideration.

Start the New Year with a tidy office, reduce your office costs, clear out some valuable office space and save time searching for information.

A couple of options to consider to transform your office.

  • Outsource your archive storage.  Cleardata can store your archives in our secure facility.  With managed destruction dates, fast digital retrieval and enhanced  protection for your information, you’ll see a significant improvement in your document management. Our team can collect from any UK collection, securely store and  index your files, enabling documents to be found quickly and easily.
  • Have your year end paperwork scanned, this enables digital images to be searched by keyword, no more searching through reams of paper to write that year end management report!  Digitising your files will also back up and protect your business paperwork from fire, flood or theft.
  • Try our cloud document management solution.  If you decide to scan your documents, we can upload them to our low cost cloud solution. Once in the cloud, information can be searched from multiple locations, using a web browser, no software or training required.

Check out our scanning and archive videos to find out more about our services. Alternatively call our team on 0800 046 8081 or try our instant quote tools.