Still sending staff into an unused office to collect post?

Although many businesses have transitioned to a majority of homeworking staff due to Covid-19,  chances are they’re still sending members of their admin, HR, finance, or accounts team in to deal with the post. 

The situation brings its own range of challenges, for example, increased risk of Covid, along with lone worker risks.   

To ensure safety, two members of staff may be required to sort, organise, and scan the post, for not only their own departments but also the rest of the business. If you’re a business that deals with incoming claims, cheques, or invoices this can be a trip a day, or every other day, into the office. It soon becomes a recurring cost to your business in regards to both time and money. 

Cleardata’s Digital Mailroom Service

With a digital mailroom service, your business can enable homeworkers to remain at home and focus on the things that matter to your business. Improve both your staff’s productivity and process speed for dealing with mail and incoming paper documentation. 

Digital Mailroom Process

  • Mail is redirected via PO Box to one of our secure UK facilities
  • Post is opened, sorted, and scanned
  • High-quality digital imagery is guaranteed with our Kodak scanning technology
  • Cheques can be scanned, recorded, and banked using a secure G4S service
  • Scanned documentation can be transferred back to you by secure SFTP for upload into your own business systems,  or you have the option of using our Cleardox EDM Cloud Document System to access your documentation
  • Structured documentation like credit notes, claim forms or invoices can be validated against your existing databases
  • If a document doesn’t comply with your specified validation rules, automatic responses can be set up and that document can be put into an exception queue for your department staff

A digital mailroom service can transform your business paper-based processes to become more agile as the landscape changes and evolves. There are no certainties for what comes next in these unprecedented times, but it pays to be prepared. 

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