Struggle to share paper documents around home-based staff? Go digital!

Remote working provides many benefits for both staff and business, such as a reduction in time and costs for commuting, better work-life balance and reduced business overheads. However, there are also limitations such as access to physical paperwork. Not being able to share physical documents and paperwork that’s stored in your office archives can be a big disadvantage. If this sounds like a problem your organisation is facing, it may be time to consider electronic document management.

Save Time Processing Paperwork and Inbound Mail

When Finance, Operations or HR teams are working from home they can often find themselves making frequent trips into the office to open the mail and scan documents such as invoices, cheques, claims and application forms, in order to share information and keep business processes running. 

Cleardata can alleviate the restriction of paperwork and documentation and give you a digital solution, in the form of scanning and an electronic document management system. A digital solution is the best way to support your home working staff and keep vital business processes moving.

Our Digital Services and Solutions…

Scanning and Archiving

Scan back archives and paperwork stored in your office

  • Documentation is collected by our team and taken to one of our secure storage facilities
  • The collected documents will be sorted, indexed to your specification, and scanned
  • Scans are checked twice for clarity and quality
  • Original documents can be archived, shredded or returned
  • All paperwork is tracked throughout the process, providing a full audit trail


Digital Mailroom

Outsource scanning of incoming paperwork as it arrives and go paperless

  • Using a PO Box, mail is redirected to one of our facilities
  • Documents are then opened, prepped and scanned
  • Returns can be processed
  • Any cheques received can be scanned and banked on your behalf using a secure G4S service
  • All scans go through quality checking twice throughout the scanning process
  • Automatic data extraction is available using intelligent data capture software
  • Files are indexed to your specifications, whether that’s name, identification number, date of birth.
  • Your newly digitised documents can then be uploaded to Cleardox EDM (Electronic Document Management) for you to access them or sent back to you by secure FTP. Physical documentation is then held for a pre-determined amount of time before being destroyed, in keeping with data protection standards
  • Following their upload to Cleardox EDM, a workflow can be applied to ensure your documents are sent to the correct team in your business


Cloud  Document Management – Cleardox EDM

Utilise a cloud-based document management system to access information remotely, provide flexible access to data using a low-cost solution. 

  • Scanned documentation can be uploaded into Cleardox EDM where it’s accessible from any device with an internet connection, at any time
  • Fast search functionality with the capacity to save favourite searches.  
  • Version Control and audit control provides access to a log of changes by user, date, time, department, and action
  • Admin centre allows you to manage permissions for individual and group user profiles 

The current climate is more challenging for all businesses and an Electronic Document Management system can help staff work remotely and be more efficient. 

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