Sunny days, spring has nearly arrived – time for an office tidy?

Office Paperwork
It’s great to see the sun shining and to finally spend a weekend out in the garden after all the bad weather we’ve had lately. With spring on its way,  many people will be thinking of spring cleaning their offices.  A good tidy up is definitely needed every now and again, to keep your office in order, manage your paperwork efficiently and save your business valuable time searching and retrieving information.

Scanning bureaus like Cleardata can digitise your paperwork quickly and easily, providing fast digital access to your information.

Reasons to go paperless…

  • Your office is being taken over by your paperwork and you’re running out of space,  forcing you to consider moving to bigger premises – Think about how many extra workstations you could fit in if you digitised your paperwork? Increasing your productivity and profits.
  • You’re worried about data protection and information security, who has access to your paper records, are they secure?  Once scanned you can provide secure access to your documents to specific employees with relevant permissions.
  • Staff are spending too much time traveling to and from your archives to find information- Digitised records can be securely accessed from multiple workstations and searched using a simple keyword tool.
  • Documents are regularly misfiled or lost causing issues with customer service and management reporting – Improve your document management and speed up retrieval by scanning your documentation.
  • Documents are lost or damaged due to disasters such as fire or flood – Paper documents can be scanned, providing regular back up and protection for valuable paper records.
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