Supercharge your accounts department with Invoice processing automation.

Accounting recordsInvoice processing automation may be a high priority for many businesses following the challenges faced last year.  Keeping invoices paid in a timely manner is key to maintaining successful supplier relationships and this can be problematic for home working AP staff,  unable to access normal business systems or incoming paper invoices. 

Invoice processing automation, combined with an outsourced scanning service allows invoices and exceptions to be managed digitally, via an online cloud solution, ticking all the boxes for remote working.  

Paper invoices can be diverted via a PO Box, scanned and automatically validated to combat supplier exceptions and automate responses to deal with non-compliance issues. 

Invoice Processing Automation Service

Automatic Data Capture – Using OCR and automated data capture software, key fields are captured eliminating manual data entry and improving accuracy through validation. 

Validation – Digitised invoices can be checked against your existing databases to provide automated matching based on supplier name, purchase order number, amounts, line items. 

Exception Handling – In the event that any key fields cant be matched, or any irregularities are detected, affected invoices can be sent into an exceptions queue for your team to manually review.

Classification and Workflow – Documents can be automatically sorted and forwarded to the appropriate team for review, action or sign off. 

Automated Supplier Responses – If an invoice is received with missing information in the form of a PO or amount, an automated response can be sent to a vendor asking them to resend with the appropriate reason. 

Invoice processing automation is the best way to reduce human error, reduce and speed up your processing. Cleardata has provided many businesses with this new, more agile and efficient way of managing their accounts payable process, read our recent case studies. 

The Process 

Document Delivery, Collection and Digitisation

  • The first step is diverting your invoices, whether they’re coming in by email or post. A PO box can be created to have incoming postal invoices redirected to a secure Cleardata facility. Likewise, for your Emailed invoices, they can be sent to a Cleardata inbox. 
  • After your pre-existing invoices are collected and incoming invoices are delivered, they will be opened, sorted and scanned with the scan quality checked twice throughout the process. After scanning, the physical copies are securely stored, awaiting return or destruction depending on your preference. 
  • Your newly digitised invoices will be returned to you through your own Cleardox EDM (Electronic Document Management System) account, where you can view, export, send and manage your documents. 
  • The truly clever stuff begins here, Cleardata can take your accounts payable process to the next level by setting up a variety of workflows, validation and verification processes as well as harnessing data capture techniques to expedite those time-intensive tasks. No more data entry or manually sending out invoices for review or approval.

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