Harrowells Solicitors



We had an event which meant that staff were unable to enter our building for 48 hours. Being a law firm we love our paperwork and we soon realised even though we could connect up to our IT systems with no problem, staff were unable to work without their paper files.

We contacted Cleardata to scan our paperwork in a specific department. They came and assessed how much there was – about 500,000 sheets of paper. Their challenge was to scan all this paper which was on live files and could be required at any point, and then provide it in a form that could be used within our case management system.

Cleardata sent two staff onsite who worked with us for a number of weeks scanning all the paperwork. They were at all times helpful and polite and easy to manage. They were working with sensitive and confidential documentation and they respected that at all times. The whole Cleardata work ethic is excellent, from the first visit all the way through the process to completion which was on budget and ahead of schedule.

Once we had finished the project we then asked Cleardata to provide us with 3 large scanners so that we could continue on from where they finished. Training was provided to our staff so they could continue the process with the same level of accuracy and attention to detail that the Cleardata staff had used.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Cleardata – my Account Manager is excellent, the support team really know what they’re doing and the attention to detail is exceptional. Personally, if I had to check all those sheets of paper then I would lose the plot, but somehow the team are keen, enthusiastic and well-motivated.

IT Service Manager, Harrowells Solicitors