The 5 Main Document Management Trends In 2017

This year, the need for organisations to eliminate the need for paper documents and to become digital is stronger than ever. So much so that investing in a document management system is a major development in the corporate world.

The benefits of such systems are invaluable to all businesses. Firstly, they tie in with a company’s social responsibility towards the environment promoting a paperless business. More importantly as far as efficiency goes, cloud document storage is the simplest and fastest way to manage your documents. If your company still isn’t shifting from paper to digital then you’re extremely behind the competition.

Many trends have emerged in document management solutions lately. A number of them have been around for a while but have only recently started to become “the norm”, whilst others are only emerging now. We’ve compiled the top 5 biggest document management trends for 2017.

1. The cloud is everything

Implementing a cloud document storage system to digitally manage your documents can drastically reduce the amount of time, money and hassle wasted searching through files and manually processing your documents. By using the cloud it’s guaranteed that documents are available at whenever and wherever. Being in a restricted network or using a specific computer isn’t necessary to view and edit files held in the cloud. With the appropriate login details all you require is access to the internet.

Since an online system offers ease of access, enhanced security, a simple keyword search and reduced costs, cloud computing is generally viewed as the ideal method for managing electronic files.

2. The need for collaboration is on the rise

Working together with colleagues is known to generally enhance projects thanks to a shared pool of resources, knowledge and experience. Cloud document management allows staff to work more efficiently, in and outside of the office.

Project co-operation means employees are able to update particular documents, notes, news feeds, tasks and discussions on the cloud document storage system. Additionally, with full version control and an electronic audit trail, it’s very simple for individuals to keep track of their activities.

3. Workflow is required within organisations

Project management systems appear in a variety of forms and is effectively used by a range of companies across all sectors. However, standard project management software tends to work in a stand-alone style with users having to sign in to other software platforms, which isn’t ideal.

A cloud document storage system offers workflow, which can be used to meet business requirements, allowing documents to be automatically directed to the correct member of staff in your company. Authorisation and approvals can be achieved at the touch of a button with email notifications.

4. Client portals is a requirement

With modern clients tending to be rather tech-savvy there is sometimes a need of engaging them through business technology. Specialised software is able to be shared between project managers and customers through the use of client portals. This allows your customers to log in, access documents and become part of the conversation by asking questions, comment on documents or download files themselves.

5. Software services are now reasonably priced

With document management systems, it’s very rare to receive a basic software that is used by a variety of companies with diverse requirements. It’s even more difficult to find one that incorporates this and is both effective and affordable.

Now, dependable software companies are starting to offer more reasonably priced products and services to their customers, which are also tailored to the needs of that particular company.

At one point, innovative document management software that offered these services was so expensive that many companies avoided them completely. Nowadays, software companies realise that in order for their programs to be widely implemented, it’s imperative that it is affordable. Due to the advancements in technology and the arrival of cloud computing, obtaining benchmark document management and intranet software solutions affordably is now possible.

Staying Atop the Competition

These current five document management trends provide an insight as to what the future holds for cloud document storage software. Cloud computing, user-friendly, customer-interaction and bespoke software has significantly impacted the way in which files and records are kept.

Companies in almost every sector can have an easier life when managing their documents. Luckily for business professionals, Cleardata covers not only these five current trends, but a number of other beneficial factors with our services and software.

If you’d like to stay ahead of the competition and get set up with your business’s very own management solution, contact our team on 0800 046 8081.