The Benefits of Outsourcing your Company’s Mailroom Operations

MailRoom - CleardataDoes your company have issues managing invoices or other documents when they arrive by mail? Opening, sorting and processing thousands of documents that arrive at your company by email and post can be a time consuming task, particularly if your organisation is regularly inundated with incoming mail. BPO services, such as outsourcing your mailroom, can significantly improve business processes and efficiencies within your company, as well as introduce a number of benefits that can have a positive impact on your business.

Cleardata is UK based company certified for Information Security and Quality Management Systems.  Our digital and physical mail room services can help save your company valuable time and money on manually sorting through incoming  post. Both services remove labour-intensive processes from your organisation and enables time to be spent on more business-critical activities. The company can manage and process any type of documents that your company receives, such as invoices, cheques, insurance claims, marketing materials and customer response forms.

Digital Mailroom – Automatically sort incoming emails and digital documents

Utilising our digital mailroom can save employees searching through a number of emails and sorting out important documents every day. The company will set up a unique email inbox to receive your mail electronically. Once your documents have been delivered, the emails will be sorted automatically using our specialised software, based on your rules and the relevant data will be instantly extracted.

The files can also be indexed and OCR’d, allowing information to be searched for easily. For instance, incoming marketing returns can be indexed by name, customer number and address. Previously scanned records can also be emailed and processed in the same way as typed ones. Once documents are categorised, the data can be send back in any format that you require, such as excel or pdf.

This automated solution can also be used for tasks such as accounts payable paperwork e.g. incoming electronic invoices can be emailed to a virtual mailbox for processing. Cleardata can automatically open, sort and extract the relevant information from your invoices which often arrive in multiple formats.

Find out how we helped Blackstone Group speed up their invoice processes by utilising a digital mailroom, allowing them more time to extend the company to other European countries.

Manual Mailroom – Divert your post to be manually opened and sorted

Using Cleardata’s BPO services and diverting your documents to our managed mailroom can remove your company’s manual processes of sorting through all incoming mail. The company will set up a PO Box for your paper documents to be redirected to. Upon arrival, all files will be opened, prepared and sorted into documentation type.

The documents will also be scanned using the company’s high production Kodak Alaris scanners, digitising the files. Every image is scanned with our 200% quality checking service, ensuring the highest quality is reached. After they’ve been scanned, information is instantly extracted from the documents accordingly.

The data can be sent back in any required format that complies with your relevant systems. Information can also be sent back by SFTP or uploaded to our cloud document management system. The original paperwork will be retained for an agreed duration and then securely destroyed upon confirmation.

Read our case study on how we helped Virgin Care cope with an increased demand by receiving and processing their invoices by diverting their mail.

The benefits of diverting your mail

The major benefits of outsourcing your mail to Cleardata’s manual and digital mailroom includes:

  • Increased process times – Automating the process of your mail room will save your company significant time in manually opening and sorting every letter
  • Reduced costs – Digitising and indexing your documents will save your business money in paying employees to physically open every piece of mail on-site. It also saves paper costs and storage fees.
  • Becoming paperless & saving office space – Having your documents digitised allows your company to become paperless and also saves office space by eliminating filing cabinets
  • Increase data accuracy & quality – As Cleardata provided a 200% quality checking service, data will be accurate and of high quality
  • Faster document retrieval – Indexing your documents allows files to be searched and retrieved faster and easier
  • Improve efficiency – Automating your mailroom processes increases company efficiency and productivity

For further information on Cleardata’s BPO services and how your company can benefit from outsourcing their mail room, call the team on 0800 046 8081 today.