The Importance Of Accurate Document Destruction

Regardless of your business sector, and no matter how big or small your company, correct document destruction is vital.Cleardata Document Shredding Services

It is your legal responsibility to dispose of all sensitive and confidential information securely. By not doing so, your business can see some serious consequences.

Keeping hold of documents you no longer need can be risky if they aren’t kept in a secure environment. Your business will be more liable to identity theft or data breach if data isn’t disposed of correctly, putting both your business and its reputation at risk.

Why is accurate document destruction so important?

With many well-known companies suffering from cyber-attacks, consumers are increasingly worried about identity theft. However, despite a lot of data breaches occurring online, much crime is still aided by non-digital means through negligent document disposal. You should still be destroying physical copies properly and securely.

Data thieves only need a few bits of information to steal a person’s identity and gain access to their accounts, so don’t make it easy for them. Anything from HR Records to ATM receipts, travel itineraries, payslips, or documents with a signature on it – the slightest bit of information regarding a person or a business, can be used fraudulently. Whether this is for a criminal’s own personal gains, or for corporate espionage, it’s better to remove the risk by shredding your documents.

Confidential waste (for example medical records, bank details and personal addresses) has to be disposed of correctly to comply with the Data Protection Act. If not, your business could face some serious repercussions – a hefty fine and a loss of clients from lack of trust to name just a few.

Shredding is the most effective way to destroy documents. The knowledge alone that your business shreds confidential matter will be a reassurance to both your customers and your colleagues. Don’t wait until something goes wrong before sorting your documents.

Cleardata for document destruction

Cleardata are ISO27001 accredited for high levels of information security and quality management. They provide a secure data collection and paper shredding service which fully complies with data protection legislation. Cleardata works with both public and private companies throughout the UK, from the NHS to banks and more. Their powerful shredding machines destroy documents to MOD standards at level 4 security.

Documents for shredding are securely tagged and bagged with an effective barcode system for assured safeguarding. This unique system allows you to track your data from collection all the way through to destruction in our secure facility.

Our industrial shredders can dispose of anything from paper documents to credit cards, books and CDs. Able to shred up to 500 sheets of paper at any one time, bulk document shredding becomes easy.

Cleardata’s document disposal reduces your business’s waste to landfill, as the shredded paper is recycled in compliance with environmental legislation. You will then be provided with a Certificate of Destruction for all shredded documents, providing peace of mind for your business and proof of legitimate disposal for your records.

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