Duplicate HR Records: What Are The Risks?

Duplicate HR Record ManagementWhilst unintentional, duplicates of employee records are an easy mistake to make and can have serious consequences for both your business and your employees. Primarily caused by simple human error such as the incorrect inputting of payroll identification numbers, duplication in employee records can also occur when an employee changes role or re-joins a company. The impact of this can be greater than you would expect, prompting inefficiency within your HR system and issues for the affected employee.

Also commonly occurring when an employee changes name, the effects will be most significant for the employee themselves. They are likely to experience financial changes including a split in their pension pot and multiple charges due to incorrect taxation. Misleading communication can also be a frequent result, which is likely to disorientate the affected member of staff. As a result, this can often lead to more problems for the human resources team as the employee could progress to issue a complaint.

In addition to this, more than one record for an employee can cause incorrect tax (PAYE), universal social charge or pay related social insurance (PRSI) calculations, resulting in an incorrect return to Revenue. If this occurs, amendments must be made through the official government system which can be time-consuming for your HR staff.

So, it’s better for both your business and your staff to avoid the issue altogether. Digitising your HR Records and categorising information by employee number, surname and document type can significantly improve your HR Records Management. It will also help improve your organisations GDPR Compliance.

Automating your employee onboarding processes using RPA (Robotic Process Automation), can also help eradicate human error and prevent duplication. Any issues with duplication that happen to remain will be easily and promptly identified, and amending them will be smoother. All this will simultaneously free up time for your HR department to concentrate on other necessary tasks. And importantly, keep your employees happy.

In the age of technological advances, an increasing number of businesses are discovering how digital services can help to improve their performance. Cleardata provide a range of comprehensive services to help streamline your business, update the way you work and avoid unnecessary problems such as record duplication.

  • Bulk Scanning – Cleardata’s bureau can digitise your employee records quickly and easily using our fleet of Kodak production scanners.
  • Intelligent Data Capture  – We’ve invested in intelligent capture software to automatically recognise and extract data from your HR Records. Information can then be validated against your SAP database or HR rules to ensure data is correct, check for duplicates and highlight any exceptions. This helps to avoid manual data entry, increasing accuracy, reducing costs and allowing employee duplication to become a thing of the past.
  • Cloud Document Management – Cleardata’s online document management solution provides fast and flexible access to your HR Records in the cloud.  Information can be searched easily whilst working in multiple systems e.g. Sage, SAP, Word, Excel. Users simply highlight an employee number or surname, click the quick search key e.g. ctrl, shift F5 and all associated data will pop up on their screen. They don’t even have to log into the cloud solution.

The ease and speed with which Cleardata’s systems work also means that your HR department can forget repetitive roles which are prone to human error, allowing them to concentrate on more important and time-consuming tasks. Essentially meaning your business can run more efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? See how Cleardata can help your business, and wave goodbye to duplicate error for good.

For further tips on how to avoid data duplication in your HR Records or more information about any of Cleardata’s Services contact us or call to speak to a member of our professional team on 0800 046 8081.