Tired of manually processing your invoices?

Manual invoice processing can be an expensive task for businesses, costing as much as £20 just to process one. This can soon add up for those processing thousands of invoices every month.  The problem is that invoices take up a great deal of time, for all levels of staff, from Clerical Assistants to Senior Managers.

Jobs such as mail opening, sorting, photocopying,  data entry, authorisation, supplier enquiries, payment and filing can be streamlined, creating more time for staff to spend making money for your business,  and less time chasing invoices on behalf of your suppliers.

So How Can a Digital Mail Room Service and Clever Software Help?

Invoice Mail Room and Scanning Service – Divert your mail to Cleardata’s secure bureau and we’ll open, sort and scan it for you. Digital invoices can be returned in any format, for import into existing business systems.

Automatic Data Capture – Using our automated data capture software, we can capture key fields from your invoices, e.g. invoice number, date, reference, supplier name, amount, eliminating the need for manual data entry and increasing the accuracy of your financial data.

Verification – Verification software will check your data against existing business system files, to verify and match the information. For example supplier name or purchase order number.

Classification and Workflow Technology – We’ll automatically sort your documents by type and forward to the appropriate manager by email for review or approval.  Easy processing buttons can also be created to speed up authorisation.

Cleardata helps many businesses transform their  manual paper processes, saving time, money and valuable office space.  For further details on our invoice scanning and processing solutions please call our team on 0800 046 8081 or visit our website.