Top Five Benefits of Digital Documents

As we draw to the end of 2021, Covid business challenges continue to dominate, particularly with the new Omicron variant starting to take control.  Digital documents have many benefits for your business, especially when you’re looking to work in a more agile manner, with staff required to work from home where possible.  Cleardata explores the top five benefits of going digital, as well as secure digital storage for your information.

Agile working

For those businesses heavily reliant on paperwork and central paper filing systems agile working can be a challenge. Digital documents allow your staff to access information remotely, which ultimately enables them to continue to work  from home, or other location.   Cleardata can help digitise your documents quickly and easily using the latest document scanning technology, which capture up to 730 pages per minute!  Once in digital format, documents can be securely stored, accessed and searched from any location using our cloud document management system.  The cloud system also provides a full audit trail, allowing your business to operate in a compliant manner.

Free up valuable office space

In the current climate businesses should be analysing ongoing costs carefully, particularly office space.  Back archives and live files can take up a large proportion of your office space, which can soon add up.  Many companies are looking to scale down offices, with a more permanent switch to remote working and digital documents.  Scanning or digitising your back archives allows you to free up valuable office space and even move to smaller premises where required.

Improve compliance and security

Paper records stored in open plan offices, or unlocked cabinets can be at risk of unauthorised access.  Scanning  paperwork and storing digital documents in Cleardata’s Cloud Document Management System, Cleardox EDM, can help your business improve GDPR and other compliance requirements.  Online users are provided with access and activity permissions specific to their job role or department, ensuring data protection for business information.  Not only that, the system provides a full electronic audit trail, putting your business in control of your data. Cleardata has invested in the latest cyber security technology with endpoint detection response, as well as 24/7 x 365 SOC (security operating centre) monitoring.

Save time and money

Digital documents, rather than paperwork can help your staff find information faster,  at the touch of a button.  During the scanning process Cleardata’s team can index your paperwork by any required field e.g. reference, name or date, to ensure information can be found  quickly and easily.  This can naturally save a lot of time and money searching through paper documents and archives.  It also avoids physical documents being lost in transit, or misfiled which in itself can be costly.  Your company will see a benefit in reduced costs from distributing and photocopying paper documents one paperwork is in digital format.  We’ve also invested in intelligent data capture technology, which allows us to automatically capture structured data from incoming forms or documents such as purchase orders and invoices.

Improve business continuity

Every business backs up their data, but quite frequently companies don’t consider their paperwork until its too late.  Disaster such as fire, flood or even theft can have dire consequences.  You can protect your business paperwork through either document scanning, providing a digital backup, or securely storing records offsite.  Cleardata can work with you to identify business critical documents suitable for scanning or storage.  For example, live frequently accessed files such as HR records can be digitised and older archived records, retrieved once or twice a year, can be stored offsite with scan on demand retrieval.  Cleardata offers both high volume document scanning services, combined with secure archive storage, to ensure your paperwork is in safe hands.

To get started with digital documents for your business contact our team on 0800 046 8081, or calculate your costs using our scanning calculator.